I wanted to go. I couldn’t bear the pain or the reality »



Very few expected Ana Obregon It was to be this year the face of the Chimes on TVE after the hell she has lived through but as she herself has recognized, she has the full support of her son, Alex, who died on May 13 as a result of cancer. To the bravery that he has always carried as his flag is added the force that his little one sends him from heaven so that “the bells resonate in eternity.”

It is he who gives strength to the actress to live and continue with her legacy. «I don’t want to leave anymore because I want to do things that Alex wanted to do and couldn’t finish. I want to follow his legacy», Explains Ana Obregón in the magazine« Hello! » this Wednesday, her first interview since her son passed away. He admits that he has thought several times about leaving but now, little by little, he is putting himself back together: «I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve thought about doing it. I wanted to go. I could not bear the pain or the reality and I have been thinking about it for two or three months.

It has not been easy for the actress to take this step. It took him several months to overcome the death of his Alex and find the strength to continue fighting. “The first four months I was dead inside. Although I have been to Mallorca, I have not left my house. The first three months I could hardly even get out of bed, ”he says. Among other things, he used the yoga and meditation, in addition to the family, to face the loss.

And he continues: «Already I haven’t even fixed myself for six months I don’t even comb my hair, it’s hard for me to shower every day. But, when I was with him, I used to put on makeup, I would put on white every time, so that he would see me well, so that he would see me pretty ». Nor has he had the strength to do anything related to his will: “Luckily they have extended it for six months. I just don’t have the strength … They ask me for a death certificate … How am I going to do that!

Although without a doubt the last months of Alex’s life were the most difficult. «I always told him the truth, except in the end; he no longer asked. The last months were a cruelty that cannot be explained », Ana Obregón is sincere. On his last night, both she and Alessandro Lequio were tucking him on both sides of the bed. Afterwards, the actress held her arms for five hours.

Since then, Ana Obregón has been going to the cemetery every day to visit her son: “In that place I sit and meditate and find that he, even if he is not, is closer, and that consoles me.” «His absence and his silence is something that tears me inside. My internal clock has stopped. How can people go on living? It surprises me and it amazes me that the rest of the people continue as if nothing had happened ”, he says while assuring that“ losing a child is dying and having the obligation to live ”.

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