“I went out to play knowing that the whole of Spain was with me”



Pablo Carreño He sat in the press room chair relieved and happy. He had just defeated the world’s number one in a prize match. Bronze medal for him in his first Games. “A dream come true”, as he recognized, which gives him his greatest triumph. More than any previous tournament. Joy that he dedicated to all of Spain and all those who have suffered with him during these years.

«I am happier than when I win a tournament. It is a new feeling for me. I have won the Davis Cup, I have won ATP tournaments and I have gone far in Grand Slam, but Winning an Olympic medal is a feeling I’ve never had before. It is something indescribable. I have felt the support of all Spain. I received a million messages encouraging me yesterday and I think this medal is for all those people who continued to believe in me, “explained the Spaniard, who won in three sets against Djokovic.

After falling in the semifinals, Carreño became tired, increased when he saw that his rival would be the Serbian and not Zverev, as he had thought at first. «When you lose in the semifinals, you have a bad body. It is a mental slump that makes you feel all the accumulated fatigue of the week. What’s more, when I see that Novak ends up losing and that I have to play against him in the bronze medal, everything falls apart. Maybe that’s why, today I slept like never before. I have recovered as I had not done all week and I went to the game knowing that Spain was with me. That I could lose and leave without a medal but that I was not going to stop believing and trying until the end, “said the player.

Carreño did not start well, but he was believing in victory little by little. “It is never easy to face Djokovic, the number one, but we have prepared the game very well and things have turned out very well. I had the opportunity to close the match in the second set, but he played well there. The truth is that when I have lost yes that I have had a moment of doubts. The normal thing in those moments is that I go down and that he recovers and raises his level. The first game of the third set was very important. I have believed again. I have given a physical and mental boost to the game again. It took me a lot to close the game, it wasn’t easy at all. It is a tremendous joy. It’s something I’ve never felt before and I’m very, very happy. A bronze medal is a dream come true ”, said the Asturian, happy to be able to get on a podium that he had always dreamed of.

Finally Carreño acknowledged that he had come out to play full of illusion because of what he had just seen on television. “I have seen the shooting final in which we won the gold. I think that It has been good for me to see that we had achieved the first gold to face the game with tremendous enthusiasm», He concluded.

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