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She is 14 years old, lives in Ciudadela (Menorca) and her name is Indigo Salvador. She is the winner of the first Spanish edition of “Idol Kids”, which ended this morning in Telecinco.

Twelve reached the final of the contest in which Isabel Pantoja, Edurne Y Carlos Jean They formed a jury that yesterday had a voice but no vote, since the opinion of the public on the set was decided by their votes. The general level was very high, so it did not sound exaggerated when the PantojaHalfway through the gala, he asked “why can’t you all win?”

In the end the one who won was this young woman who from her first performance we qualify as the Amaia de «Idol Kids».

“I wanted to thank my whole family, and most of all my mother,” said the girl through tears when it was all over. His award is “a scholarship to continue his music studies so that he can grow,” explained the presenter, Jesus Vazquez.

Then the one by one of the final gala.

Anne – Telecinco

Anne Arrinda: great number of Miss’s daughter

Opened fire Anne, the daughter of former Miss Spain Rachel Rodriguez, who was in the audience. He nailed a great number on his “fourth time on stage”, as the presenter recalled, Jesus Vazquez. He sang and danced “Let’s get loud” by Jennifer Lopez. “Every performance he has done on ‘Idol Kids’ has left us speechless,” he summarized Edurne. “You have evolved in such a great way that you are already great,” he praised Isabel Pantoja to this 13 year old girl.

Alex – Telecinco

Álex Vizuete: power in a bata de cola

Edurne: «It is art and power». Isabel Pantoja: «He is a good copier». One and the other spoke of Alex, a 10-year-old boy who appeared in a bata de cola. The clothing was more surprising than the performance, which was brilliant. He sang “Amante de abril y mayo” between shouts of “ole” de la Pantoja. “This is art,” the jury ruled.

Natalia – Telecinco

Natalia Maguilla: future voice of musicals

Natalia (13 years old) dreams of singing in musicals. And write down your name because you will surely get it in the future. «It has a special color for that kind of music», he considers Jean. Singing «Reflection», the theme of «Mulan». Her mother and father vocalized with her from the audience. The performance brought tears to the Galician producer: “Technically it has been sublime,” he told him when the number ended. “You’re incredible,” summed up the tonadillera. Impeccable voice. A spectacular performance. You are an ‘idol kids’ “, he added Edurne.

Oscar – Telecinco

Óscar is a boy (16 years old) with an adult voice. And he knows it: “I have a different voice, which goes through people.” His bet for the final was “El Mundo.” When the boy unfolded his stream of voice dressed in a tuxedo, it seemed the OTI Festival instead of “Idol Kids”. You have a perfect tool in your throat. You’re a crooner, “he praised Jean.

Lola – Telecinco

Lola Nájera: good times for her lyrics

Her lyrical voice carried her to the final. “He is an angel, because his voice is angels,” had praised the Pantoja. For the definitive moment, this 15-year-old girl dared with “I Could Have Danced All Night”, from “My Fair Lady”, and even with the dance. “Sublime. You can sing whatever you want », judged the tonadillera after the exhibition of the baby. “Just when they have lifted you you have made the highest possible note”, he appreciated Edurne.

Montse – Telecinco

Montse Sánchez: in the name of her grandfather

He announced that he would surprise in the final, that he had an ace up his sleeve. So it was. She appeared, supported by a youth choir behind, to embroider, at 14, “Christ of the gypsies”. He sang it thinking of his grandfather, to honor him. Jean his mouth fell open. Edurne he looked and didn’t believe it. The Pantoja He didn’t move a muscle until, when he finished, he broke into clapping. «You have transferred me to Seville. My hair is standing on end », summed up the tonadillera, who is from Seville, the general feeling.

Indigo – Telecinco

Indigo Salvador: it takes courage

“It takes courage, it takes courage,” he sang Radio Futura. We do not know if Indigo will know that song but it takes courage, and a lot, to, at only 14 years old, stand in the final of a television contest and sing on the piano, and even dance, «Flashdance. What a feeling». Amaia from “Idol Kids” embroidered it and moved again Edurne, who adapted her finery back as her favorite. “Oh my gosh,” was all he could say Jean. The ferrolano had already said in a previous gala that he wanted to produce it. Yesterday he took a few more steps, got up, went to the stage and gave him his phone number on a piece of paper. She has a good eye, because the Menorcan was finally the winner.

Claudia – Telecinco

Claudia Alves: at your feet

It is the girl (14 years old) whom Pantoja gave him the alternative in a previous gala. He sang, with indisputable art, “A tu vera.” The tonadillera, instead of a jury, looked like her mother, from how excited she was during the performance. At his side and at his feet. So it ended Jesus Vazquez, rendered before the goblin display. “I give you both ears and not the other, which sounds ugly,” said the Sevillian woman by the tail. «When music speaks, words are unnecessary. You have done something ‘nickel-plated’ “, he sentenced Jean. “This is art”, he confirmed. Edurne.

Hayk – Telecinco

Hayk Arsenyan: with his own style

At Hayk’s feet he stood, at a previous gala, Edurne. Jean she had also knelt before him. The public had not freaked out so much, and had left him out of the final, where he was placed by the casting vote of the jury. At 15, the boy scored a heavy ballad in the final, the «Still Loving You» from Scorpions. «There are many ways to sing. And there are people who sing Hayk. You have your own style ”, judged the Ferrol producer. Last night was not his best performance, perhaps because the nerves seemed to betray him at some point.

Marta – Telecinco

Marta Mesa: is “she”

“He has a lot of art,” he summarized Edurne from Marta Mesa (14 years old) before his performance at the final gala. It is true. He has an angel, elf. Last night he decided to sail between “Fish of the City”by Sabina. He played with his voice, going up, down, like a vocal slide. Filling the public. “It’s her,” La Pantoja said the first day, when she cried after listening to her. Marta took the first golden ticket of the edition.

“It’s you. And with that I tell you everything, “the Sevillian reaffirmed last night. As those of Muchachada Nui said, “I’m not telling you anything and I’m telling you everything.” Because what La Pantoja was saying is that she had to be the winner. “Your happiness makes us happy,” he praised Jean. “Just thank you,” he settled Edurne.

Sara – Telecinco

Sara Aparisi: search magic

The young woman (14 years old) had been passing rounds thanks to the impulse of the jury, as the audience on the set had knocked her down on several occasions. His “Believe” by CherIt was beautiful, a bubble of happiness. And the public, this time, did appreciate it. He stood up in full performance. «You have caressed us. Apart from making your songs, you embrace us », he exalted Jean.

Adrián – Telecinco

“Pantoja is in his blood.” Word of Isabel Pantoja on Adrián. «Bandit» by Brown sugar, was the bet of this 15-year-old boy for the final. It was not his best performance, although the jury did not tell him. It was, yes, the busiest of the night, because it is clear that the young man knows how to lift the spirits of the respectable. From the Movida to the Movida, then to Jean what happened on stage seemed very Almodovarian to him.

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