“If Neymar talks about Messi, it is that he knows something about Leo and PSG”




The statements of Neymar assuring that he wanted to play with Messi again, they have generated a real earthquake in the Barça environment. Rivaldo He has been one of the last to give his opinion and considers that the Brazilian’s words hide something else. «When Neymar says that he wants to play with Messi again, it is that something must know of the possible signing of Leo by PSG. And honestly, it would be great to see them play together again, even if it is at PSG, “said the Betfair ambassador. «I do not think that Neymar said that to say it, that goes. Surely he knows something from the PSG leaders about the negotiation or conversations with Messi. Messi and Neymar are friends and they talk a lot. So Neymar knows perfectly well that Messi is running out of contract and I think he is putting pressure on PSG to sign Leo for next season, ”the Brazilian insisted. «It is the ideal moment for PSG to try. Because he would not have to negotiate or pay a transfer to Barcelona and he has his friend Neymar as a hook. If the two get together again, they can fight to win another Champions. We are going to wait, but I do see it as a possibility, “insisted the Brazilian.

Rivaldo, contrary to what is being reported, believes that Messi’s departure to PSG could not force the departure of Mbappé from Paris, but could make the French forward continue in the Parc des Princes. «Much is said that Mbappé is pressing to go to Real Madrid, but with this new opportunity to play alongside Messi, who knows, perhaps he prefers to stay a little longer in Paris, “analyzed the culé legend. «If PSG manages to bring Neymar, Messi and Mbappé together in the same team, they will have a great trident to be a favorite in all competitions, especially the Champions League. Taking into account the enormous financial potential of PSG, I do believe that there are serious options that they can put this together mind blowing threesome», Valued the ex-footballer.

Rivaldo also applauded the way Joan Laporta, former president of Barcelona between 2003 and 2010, has entered the current electoral campaign. “First of all, I have to say that I undoubtedly seem like a great candidate for president. And his attitude has been correct when introducing himself. He has said that Messi will at least give Barcelona the opportunity to speak, but he has not made any incredible promises that are very difficult to fulfill afterwards. He has not gone crazy, but is thinking about the future of the club, “he said. Despite everything, the Ballon d’Or in 1999 does not see Laporta convincing Messi to stay at Barcelona. “But the thing is that Messi’s situation with Barcelona has cooled down a lot after everything that happened at the end of last season. I’ve said it before: cI think that Messi is already thinking about new challenges. It will be hard to assimilate, but it looks like it will be his last season at the Camp Nou, ”insisted the Betfair ambassador.

Finally, Rivaldo evaluated the situation of Real Madrid after the defeat in Kiev against Shakhtar, first, from a Barca perspective. “Of course Real Madrid’s crisis is good for Barcelona. Everything bad that happens to the eternal rival is good for him, especially now, because it takes Koeman and his boys out of focus and allows him to continue with his construction of his project. It gives you more peace of mind and that is key in a team that is evolving, “he said. Rivaldo believes that Real Madrid can redirect their situation, but warns Zidane: “If Real Madrid goes through this delicate moment, and they can do it, it’s the beauty of football, they can even get fully involved in the fight for the titles. In any case, Zidane must be careful, because a few stumbles can seriously endanger your job, “concluded the Brazilian.

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