“If we reject the PGE, the house of cards may fall”




At the same time that he ordered Pedro Sánchez to negotiate “once and for all” the State Budgets, Andoni Ortuzar has released a concise message to EH Bildu this afternoon: “Our position is relevant, that of others is not”. The president of the PNV, who attends resigned to the consecration of the alliance between the Batasunos and the PSOE, has assured in the Ser that he is not afraid to see his group displaced in the Congress of Deputies, where he has managed to squeeze his six seats to establish himself as the third leg of the central government. In fact, he has warned that if the nationalists finally vote ‘No’ on the Accounts, ‘probably this whole house of cards would go down».

“We are not enough, but we are essential,” said the leader of the Basque nationalists, who plays down the role that Bildu has acquired in the negotiation of the PGE. In that regard, he claims to be “calm”, but he has warned that Sánchez must begin to win the support of his party with more than good words. Just today, in an attempt to calm the spirits in Sabin Etxea, the President of the Government referred to the PNV in Congress as a “Strategic partner”. “It no longer consoles one to be described as a preeminent partner if it is not accompanied by facts later,” Ortuzar commented.

In this sense, and although he considers that “the global situation” is not enough for the PNV to contemplate rejecting the Budget project, he has warned that “the negotiation cannot be like the old Sunday afternoon dances, in which one goes from couple to couple ». «You have to take a position, you have to be serious, you have to start negotiating», Has pointed out.

Ortuzar has also charged against Podemos, whose performance he has defined as “surprising”. “If I were Pedro Sánchez, I would punch the table of the Council of Ministers, so it cannot continue because they are distorting the rules of the game,” he denounced in reference to the decision of Pablo Iglesias’ party to amend its own Budgets with the aim of forcing Sánchez to paralyze evictions.

According to the president of the PNV, Podemos “is getting away with it”, which in his opinion is none other than torpedoing the possible agreements between PSOE and Ciudadanos, thanks to this “Media noise”. “And then I think Bildu is allowing himself to be used because, well, Bildu is being whitewashed as a valid option to engage in politics without any notch from the past, from his political past,” he has settled.

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