Ignacio Camacho: Nun’s Pinches



Dear Madrilenians, your stubbornness in voting for Ayuso is going to cost you money. Exactly 8.4 percent less than last year in budget investments, at the expense of what falls in the distribution of European funds, where it is assumed – if it is not much to assume – that the industrial and technological weight of the capital will have some reflection. Sánchez does not forgive disaffections. And if he could, which he can’t, he would even get some ministries out of Madrid; it will have to settle for decentralizing the location of some new agencies, a reasonable decision that it sells as original, although it has been happening for a long time with this and other governments. And so that the intention to penalize your efforts is noticed

has given Catalonia a 5.6 increase, which represents a relative differential of 14 points -330 million, which rises to 1,279 in net terms- between the lesson and the prize. That will be more as Esquerra raises the rate of its support for the project.

The good news is that you do not have to worry too much because the community is going to lower the tax burden again, with which the collection will increase and the autonomy will have a greater margin of spending. This will also benefit the rest of the country by virtue of the solidarity financial mechanism to which Madrid contributes the highest canon as corresponds to its leadership position. What is relevant about the Sanchista gesture, then, is not so much the imbalance of the distribution, a simple scratch in macro figures, as its explicit will to injure: it is about making it clear that the Three Wise Men are going to bring you coal this year for having been children bad. Deferred retaliation for the ‘tavern’ vote. They are not going to pardon you; that privilege is reserved for the perpetrators of coups against the State.

The most regrettable aspect of the matter is that it is a tantrum, a fit of frustration at the repeated failure in the assault on the symbolic citadel of the right. The president has renounced to conquer it, to the despair of the left-wing electorate, and is venting with nun’s pinches that constitute a demonstration of powerlessness in the face of the certainty that he cannot get hold of it. Then he pouts when he is booed. He tries to make the capitalists jealous with cuddles to separatism without realizing that this occasional ally is anything but grateful and is not going to be appeased with a slight pampering. In the end he will be entangled in a spiral of reproaches of comparative mistreatment as the most underserved regions continue to cry out against his ostracism. It is the problem of not having a project except that of renting power at an auction without a fixed price. The budgetary disdain for Madrid is not a punishment; It is a childish loser tantrum, a gratuitous tantrum, a senseless revenge that the ballot boxes will return to him by putting him in his place.

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