“I’m doing a master’s degree in drug addiction”



“I know I have to change a lot.” Has recognized it Rafael Amargo in ‘Deluxe’, a program he has attended – according to him – “to sing and dance”, as if the court case for the complaint for drug trafficking that has devastated his professional life was not with him. During the interview, Rafael assures that they did not find anything in his house. “It’s in the summary,” he insists. “But nobody is stopped just because», Jorge Javier qualifies him. “Of course not,” then a Rafael Amargo responds, unable to explain the reasons for the arrest. More pending to highlight the large number of reporters who followed the case, even proud of the interest that his person arouses, than of the consequences of the investigation, Amargo suggests that there is a black hand: «I have to wait for a judicial procedure to be able to say that I am a victim.

“Someone had to invent it”, Amargo insists that there was nothing at home, although in his pocket he admits that he carried a precision balance, an instrument used by both those who trade in substances and regular consumers: “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t take cocaine, but there are other things … »

Regarding the wiretapping, among which one supposedly stands out about the possible sale of a kilo of methamphetamine for a theatrical producer, Amargo goes off on a tangent. About him crystal retail at his home in Malasaña, which led the police to draw up 6 minutes at the doors of his home, Rafael admits that he even spoke with the agents he invited to have a beer. Bitter goes off on a tangent. That he likes to party is something in the public domain. The program showed testimonies about long celebrations in which he spent 72 hours without sleeping, even surrounded by night professionals so as not to feel alone. Bitter continues to go off on a tangent, this time trying to launch a hidden message about a journalist.

About the ‘chem sex‘(sex parties with drugs), which were discussed in the program when he was arrested, Rafael admits that’ they are in the applications, but I don’t like them. What I like is that people come to see me, I am a good host and I, to those who come, I give holy water. In my house you can have whatever you want. » And since the best defense is a good offense, when you are shown testimonials from previous relationships that speak of its different dependencies, the dancer sows doubts about both: that if Noelia was not his girlfriend and that strange things happened at his house in Barcelona, ​​that Klein got up early to go very fresh to those ‘chem sex’ in which he could take things when the boys were confused … Come on, Bitter knows little about his own, but he knows everything about others.

The artist started out calmly, but has become nervous and confused as the night progresses, surprising locals and strangers by recognizing that he has signed up for a Master in Drug Addiction at the University of Barcelona, ​​which includes a specialty in ‘mindfulness’ that would be very useful to regain lost inner peace.

To the question “Does your house sell drugs?“Bitter responds with an ambiguous statement:” joy is sold in my house. ” Let everyone understand what they want.

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