“I’m going to lock you up and I’m going to set fire to the house so that it burns with you inside.”

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The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) has confirmed the conviction of 18 years in jail for the woman who tried to murder his 78-year-old mother in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in January 2020. He hit her, locked her up and lit the living room sofa On which he sprinkled alcohol to accelerate the fire, with the aim that the house in which the woman lived alone burned with her mother inside.

The defendant went to visit the victim’s home, and while they were having a coffee she asked him for alcohol to heal a wound, when the woman bent down to look for him, she hit him hard on the back of the neck and closed the room from the outside, leaving the key so he couldn’t leave the bedroom. “I’m going to lock you up and I’m going to set fire to the house so that it burns with you inside.”, he said, as stated in the order provided by the TSJC.

Then set fire to the sofa in two parts and she left the house closing the door behind her and ignoring his mother’s pleas that from the window asked him to take her out of the room.

The woman’s cries for help and the smoke alerted the neighbors on Juan Afonso Ponce de Ladera Alta street, one of them managed to access the house with a ladder that they placed from the facade and for which, with the help of other neighbors, they managed to help the woman and get her out of the burning house.

The Second Section of the Hearing of Las Palmas has imposed 18 years in prison against the accused for a crime of arson and another of attempted murder, having rejected the six motives that she presented in her appeal.

The condemned woman in turn has a restraining order against his mother for 23 years and compensation of 12,024 euros for damage to the home and 10,000 for moral and psychological damage.

The court has rejected that the defendant suffered a mental disorder because the court considers that he demonstrated that his volitional and cognitive capacity was “intact”.

In the same way, it has rejected that it was a crime of damages and that the penalty imposed was disproportionate, since by setting fire to the house, he put people’s lives at risk, mainly from his mother.

Although the defense wanted to allege that “there was no will to kill” this appeal has also been rejected, since the facts confirm a murderous spirit, preventing the victim from being able to defend himself by leaving her locked up, after beating her, and acting maliciously and intention to end his life.

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