“In Hispaniola there is too much politics, this will change shortly and some good managers will return”




On November 28, Francisco Coro Izquierdo was re-elected president of the Andalusian Sailing Federation by an absolute majority of the members of the General Assembly of the highest management body of Andalusian Sailing, out of a total of 59 members, 36 have voted in favor of the Jerez. After his appointment, the electoral process then began the period established for possible challenges, after which the official proclamation was carried out this Wednesday, December 9. At the gates of this new legislature, we take the opportunity to speak with the president about the present and future of Andalusian sailing without losing sight of his management in these four years. Francisco Coro Izquierdo, from Jerez, lover and fan of the sport of sailing, was president of AECIO for twelve years, National Secretary of the Optimist class and president of IODA Spain. He is a Tourism and Advertising technician and currently runs two hotels in Jerez. On October 15, 2016, Coro was elected for the first time president of the Andalusian Sailing Federation, replacing Eduardo Zalvide from Huelva.

How do you feel after being re-elected?

I am very satisfied, there was a much higher attendance than we expected -Coro refers to the Assembly-, running for re-election was a decision that should not be taken lightly since the FAV is a very large organization and the responsibility is great , but on this boat I have the best crew and that the staff itself with one voice and the whole world of Andalusian sailing, and part of the national one, will encourage me to continue, it is without a doubt my best record … in a way that I could not deny me.

Did the majority expect and, above all, that no one would vote against it?

The majority yes, but no vote against, abstention or blank, I did not expect it and that has been massive among attendees, telematics and mail. I’m very happy.

How do you face this new legislature? I imagine that with more security than the first time, right?

Well, yes, the saying that “seniority is a degree” is true, although you all know that I have been doing this for many years. Even so, I face it much safer and with much more knowledge of AVF and everything else. Let’s say I already have a “Master in Sailing”.

Do you think that you have contributed something to Andalusian sailing and that your work is not over and hence your candidacy?

I believe that I have contributed management and union, good relations, transparency, if we add to this the economic aspects, everything that these five things entail contribute a lot to my way of seeing all Andalusian sailing. They are the backbone of any organization and everyone benefits from it. Leaving this job sealed is the reason for renewing my candidacy.

These months have not been easy at all since the pandemic appeared in our lives, what do you think has been the hardest thing for the day to day of our sport? What has the Federation contributed?

The hardest part has undoubtedly been that our athletes could not navigate and that the clubs stopped all their activities, added to the restlessness of not knowing what is going to happen on a daily basis. The federation has contributed a lot of work without looking at schedules to keep our associates and federated as informed as possible, all of which results in trying to give them some peace of mind and help. In fact, I believe that as president I have issued 22 official statements, not counting those issued by the technicians and the attention of all doubts by telephone and internet.

Looking ahead, what are your plans and what is your goal?

The pandemic has partially slowed down our growth, the objective will be to recover what was lost and continue to advance and improve the treatment with the clubs, federated and seek the best routes for our athletes in general. Always looking for one more step. My intention is to leave a better future for the FAV and all the Andalusian sailing from this continuation until I have to finish.

What is your opinion about sailing management at the national level? Is Hispaniola an ally?

Unfortunately, national sailing is a roller coaster that depends a lot on the team that manages it at that time, I think this will change shortly and some good managers will return, we have a greased and geared team, the same one always and only the president and board of directors, unless there is a staff re-shaping, which is usually minimal. In Spanish everything changes continuously, there is a lot of jealousy and misgivings, too much politics. We will contribute our grain of sand in what we can for the future so that our national sail also always grows upwards. We are all interested in the Spanish working well. Since I have been president, the Spanish woman has been an ally and I will continue working to keep it that way. Simply being an ally is and should be natural.

Are you happy with the work that is carried out in the Andalusian Sailing Federation and the management of its resources with respect to other territorial ones?

I can say that, if we are not the best, we are among the first, that’s for sure and in some aspects we are far ahead. Our job is and will be to improve even more without stepping on anyone, of course, only with work and good management.

Finally, a wish for this new adventure.

The first, that the pandemic ends, the suffering of so many people and that our athletes and clubs can function as normal as we do. And secondly, to be fortunate that things continue to turn out just as well for me as in the last four years, because that way we will all move forward. I am sure that we will achieve it because I have the best team you could wish for and they always make it very easy for me with their work. This president, as far as the FAV is concerned, sleeps peacefully and the desire is to continue doing so.

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