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Saturated with so much crime, the Nordic countries are indulging in comedy, in the United States they are still in love with superheroes, the French protagonists investigate crimes and Turkish passions have begun to make a hole in the bed to plots of police dye, the genre British favorite. That is invariable. The Spanish, meanwhile, we have given ourselves to reading or, if we are pessimistic, we wait for the series to come out to save ourselves the effort.

The report was presented at the Vitoria FesTVal by Gloria Saló, Director of Production and Content Consulting of the company. Teleformat, one of the areas of the consulting firm, analyzes in half the world the formats that stand out for their success, innovation and originality to advise their clients on the acquisition, distribution and production of content. For once, the document was made public.

Iberoamerica: passion for biographies

The real characters, especially female, are the great protagonists of fiction in Castilian outside of Spain. In 2022 we will see the story of Eva Peron in ‘Santa Evita’ (Star +) and the gruesome life of the singer Gloria Trevi in ‘Gloria Trevi’ (Televisa).

Other ‘biopics’ that are coming are the new season of’Luis Miguel‘ (Netflix), ‘Pablo Escobar, patron of evil ‘(Caracol TV) and’Maradona: blessed dream ‘(Amazon), one of the most anticipated in the world.

United States: not without my superhero

The blockbuster movies of Superheros it has not gone unnoticed. The phenomenon is transferred to the stories by chapters and Marvel has launched in 2021 four series through its Disney + window: ‘Wandavision’, ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, ‘Loki’ and ‘What if’. Other upcoming projects are ‘Hawkeye’ and ‘Ms. Marvel ‘, this same year, and’ Moon Knight ‘and’ She-Hulk ‘in 2022.

Fashion extends to adult animation, with titles such as’ Invincible ‘,’ Birdgirl ‘and’ Q-Force ‘, which joins the series based on popular characters from DC Comics (‘ Superman & Lois’) and fictions starring superheroines (‘Shadow and Bone ‘and’ The Nevers’).

'The Pembrokeshire Murders' has achieved 33% screen shares in the UK
‘The Pembrokeshire Murders’ has achieved 33% screen shares in the UK – ITV

UK: Brexit with suspense

With or without Brexit, the British are still hooked on thriller and crime fiction. More important than the five o’clock tea are crimes, disappearances, mysterious deaths and police investigations of the guilty and innocent. Thus, ‘Annika’ breaks audience records on the Alibi platform, as well as ‘Before we die’ on Channel 4 and ‘Bloodlands’ on BBC One. Another of the great successes of this season is the miniseries ‘The Pembrokeshire Murders’, with 33% screen shares on ITV, a feat in these times of audience fragmentation.

Another great premiere, on the BBC, is the underwater intrigue series ‘Vigil’, which can be seen in Spain thanks to Movistar +. ‘Stephen’ (ITV) and ‘Wolfe’ (Sky Max) confirm a trend for which there is currently no end in sight.

Nordic countries: from ‘nordic noir’ to black humor

Perhaps due to the lack of sun, Scandinavians go from crime genre to comedy without turning on the light. The black is still wearing. The last are parodies and social criticism. Good examples are the incorrect Danish teacher ‘Rita’ (TV2), ‘Fallet’ (SVT), Swedish parody of ‘Bron / Broen’, and the Norwegian adventure of a repentant New York mobster in ‘Lilyhammer’ (Netflix). In the next releases, several female protagonists coincide: the Norwegian mother of ‘Pørni’ (from the 9th in Filmin), the young Swedish woman of ‘Thunder in my heart’ (Viaplay), the Icelandic entertainer of ‘The Garden’ (RUV) , the fifty-year-old from ‘Walk like a queen’ (NRK) and the Swedish ‘Dough’ (SVT), who if she washes something, it’s money.

Germany: darkness and mystery

The platforms have rejuvenated German television, which discovers that there is life beyond historical drama and crime fiction. The phenomenon ‘Dark’ (Netflix) is being left behind, although its creators will try to repeat success with ‘1899’. ‘Sløborn’, a ZDF co-production with Denmark, showing what a virus can do to the inhabitants of a small island. The consequences of the Apocalypse can also be felt in ‘Tribes of Europe’ (Netflix) and the sinister effects of a haunted house coexist in ‘Hausen’ (Sky Atlantic).

'1899', from the creators of 'Dark', a new German contribution on Netflix
‘1899’, from the creators of ‘Dark’, a new German contribution on Netflix

It is also worth paying attention to ‘Der Schwarm’, an adaptation of the novel ‘The fifth day’, where the seabed revolts against its exploitation.

France: the triumph of the female researcher

French women wanting to solve mysteries They have conquered the French public, which does not lose its love for crime and suspense series. The examples of the judge ‘Alice Nevers’ (TF1), the detective ‘Candice Renoir’ (F2) and the ‘Inspector Marleau’ (F3) are known, but this season the lawyer ‘Gloria’ (TF1) has also triumphed. Let’s not leave without citing the anthology of female detectives from ‘Disparition disturbing’ (F2) and ‘HPI’, the great success of TF1 starring a very particular investigator. In the department of trips to the past, the Gauls can see ‘Jugée coupable’ (F3).

Spain: the kingdom of adaptations

Books will continue to fill Spanish screens, according to the report, in a country rich in genres, not just gastronomic. The common denominator is the adaptations of literary works, especially on the part of the platforms. ‘Valeria’ and ‘El inocente’ on Netflix, ‘Los espabilado’ and ‘Tell me who I am’ on Movistar +, ‘La tempelanza’ (Amazon), ‘La cocinera de Castamar’ (Antena 3) and ‘Patria’ (HBO), Among others, they continue to set a trend that has just been confirmed by ‘Ana Tramel’ (TVE), ‘La Fortuna’ (Movistar +), which will soon be joined by ‘Doctor Portuondo’, Filmin’s first original production.

Turkey: renew or love

The so-called ‘Turkish drama’, which moves between passion and action, maintains its roots in family conflicts and romantic plots, but the revelation fiction of the last seasons seems to be renewed. Now it incorporates elements of a thriller, as in Kanal D’s ‘Muhteşem İkili’ (Agents Involved), with a police story that hunts down organized crime.

Another novelty in the same vein is ‘Üc kurus’, a continuation of Show TV’s successful ‘Çukur’, in which several families are involved in criminal plots. Not far behind ‘Uzak Sehrin Masali’ (Story of a distant town) from Fox TV, with a story of love, persecution and revenge, and ‘Yargi’ (Wounded birds), by Kanal D, which tells the story of some orphans fleeing from a ruthless criminal. Another of the most representative premieres of this season is ‘Teskilat’, which offers action and espionage through a special unit that works for the National Intelligence Service of the Turkish Government.

China: love through time

The romantic drama ‘You are my glory’, one of the latest successes in China, has some of the elements that the public in this country like so much, in which the adaptation of successful novels, some of them digital, stands out. They are romantic and predictable stories, with young and attractive, modern and independent protagonists who have successful professional careers, many related to new technologies.

'You are my glory', recent success of Chinese fiction
‘You are my glory’, recent success of Chinese fiction

In this trend we can also find titles such as ‘Falling into your smile’ (Youku), ‘Moonlight’ (iQIYI) and ‘Love scenary’ (Tencent). Romances set in the Chinese Imperial era, such as ‘The Imperial Coroner’ (Tencent), ‘Qing Luo’ and ‘Rattan’ (both by Youku) are also popular, adding fantastic elements.

South Korea: family dramas

Dramatic stories triumph on South Korean screens, both daily productions about everyday conflicts and the highest-budget series in prime time. Fictions such as ‘Penthouse: War in life’ (SBS), ‘Miss Montecristo’, ‘Red shoes’ (KBS2) and ‘The tragedy of one’ (KST) stand out. They are family stories of revenge and suspense, with powerful women and ambitious men. Family plots are interspersed with mysterious deaths, betrayals, and secret love affairs as key elements in keeping Korean audiences on edge.

Japan: anime in the Star Wars universe

Since Netflix began betting on anime series and movies in 2017, this classic style of Japanese animation has grown in popularity globally with a large number of new titles, produced both inside and outside the Japanese country. Recent releases include ‘Pacific Rim: The Black’, ‘The Way of the Househusband’, ‘Record of Ragnarok’ and ‘Godzilla Singular Point’.

Recently, Disney + has joined the trend with a very interesting proposal with the anthological series ‘Star Wars: Visions’, an original Lucasfilm project, which has given free rein to the Japanese creators of the best anime studios in Japan to capture their particular visions of the Star Wars universe through nine different anime shorts.

The next Turkey

Gloria Saló finished her speech in Vitoria trying to guess from which country the next barrage of series will come, if the Turkish vein runs out. «There is a type of production that works in Latin America, which are the productions of Philippines and Malaysiahe explained. The characters are different, also physically, which is an interesting element. At the moment they are only being sold in Latin America, but they could also be exported to Spain perfectly. Suddenly, the market could turn to a new place.

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