Indignation among PP deputies for Vox’s personal attack on Cuca Gamarra




The Vox motion of censure it marked a turning point in the center-right and in the relationship of this political formation with the PP. The rupture was a fact without turning back, as both parties insist. The relationship has become so rare that in parliamentary debates the tension between one and the other is chewed. In this context, in the popular ranks the personal attacks of a Vox deputy on Cuca Gamarra in the plenary session last Tuesday have caused real outrage.

It’s intolerable. What have they believed? They show lack of respect and machismo, without further arguments, “said popular deputies at the exit of the Plenary, after listening to the intervention of the Vox deputy Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia. who transmitted his personal contempt to Gamarra. How would the personal attack be, that even the Catalan independentistas came out in defense of the PP spokesperson.

In the Plenary, the Plan B del PP to have an alternative to the state of alarm, with which to fight the virus without limiting or suspending the rights and freedoms of citizens. The PP only got the support of the PNV, Coalición Canaria, UPN and Foro Asturias.

Citizens and Vox they left the PP alone in defense of their plan. The center-right, once again shattered in Congress. But Vox was cruel against the PP spokesperson in his speech. “Doña Cuca, I liked Doña Cayetana better,” said deputy Sánchez García as soon as he took the floor. From there, he accused Gamarra of talking nonsense, nonsense, of not knowing what his advisor had written him, of not understanding anything and of needing to go back to college.

Gamarra, very upset, accused the deputy of Vox of arrogance and machismo. Her adversary later replied that she was the macho, and maintained her disrespectful tone towards Gamarra.

The parliamentary clash was a reflection of what the relationship between the PP and Vox. In Parliament, dialogue has become rare and understanding seems increasingly complicated. Any reason seems good for the head-on clash to arise, either in the debate on the state of alarm, by the legal Plan B, by the General Budgets or by its partial amendments.

At the moment, the bad relationship in the national Parliament is not affecting other types of pacts that PP and Vox have in different places. So in Andalusia These two parties together with Ciudadanos yesterday closed a fundamental budget agreement for political stability in the region.

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