Innsomnia launches a basic package of digital solutions to save costs quickly




The startup accelerator and business digitizer Innsomnia Accelerator has announced the launch of Get Digital, a basic package of digital solutions focused on cost savings, which should be undertaken by any medium or large company in its first stage of digitization.

The entity points out that this is a key moment for a large part of the industrial, agri-food, tourism or services sector. “Most companies are already aware of the benefits of digitization, but many don’t know where to start,” he says.

The launch of Get Digital was made public in Barcelona during the celebration of 4YFN, the startup forum of the Mobile World Congress, where Innsomnia presents at its stand the main news of the companywas going.

Get Digital will offer a comprehensive package of technology-based solutions such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, big data, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, biometrics or machine learning, in order to provide basic solutions to companies. These technologies will make it possible to apply predictive maintenance solutions, elimination of paper, traceability, data analytics or process control, among others, to companies.

“In the years that we have been working with large corporations, we have realized that there is a basic package of solutions that have already been tested and applied by most large companies in their early days and that it is transversal to almost all sectors. We believe that most companies should apply it, that is why we have created Get Digital, a coordinated solutions integrator so that they advance more quickly in the digitization “, has explained Rafael Navarro, co-founding partner of Innsomnia.

Innsomnia, an accelerator that operates in the verticals of fintech, insurtech, e-health, logistics-ports, industry 4.0 and agritech, has a singular business model which gives you great independence by not investing in any startup.

«This independence allows us to offer companies the best solutions on the market already tested, with measurable and proven results and with the best quality / price ratio, to adapt them quickly to the particularity of each company “, he underlined Fran EstevanCEO of Innsomnia.

The business digitizer will select each year the best solutions with the latest advances among the most competitive startups and scale-ups and will offer its services with a wide portfolio in which companies can choose between different solutions for the same process. The model allows solutions to be applied quickly and in a coordinated way and is focused mainly on savings of internal costs in order to achieve profitability in the same exercise of its application.

The extensive experience of Innsomnia, the leading accelerator in Spain in various verticals, with a ecosystem of more than 2,000 startups and scale-ups with which he has worked in recent years, guarantees the viability of the solutions. Innsomnia not only attracts talent in Spain, because around 35 percent of its solutions come from the international arena through The Talent Route, an international network that brings together a score of independent accelerators in Europe and America, promoted in 2017 by the Spanish company with the support of ICEX.

The Get Digital program includes, in addition to the initial solution “integrator,” two more stages. The second is the launching challenges for disruptive solutions highly personalized in which Innsomnia has accumulated extensive experience for five years. The challenges drive open innovation processes and last approximately seven months from inception to implementation.

The third stage involves the creation of a ‘venture builder’ so that companies can found their own technology subsidiaries that provide solutions to themselves or their sectors with one or more startups and the external contribution of investors if required.

The Get Digital program will design an orderly digitization project for each company and with a precise time calendar in which there will be a co-creation process to adapt it to the particularities of each company. As it is a package of solutions offered by startups and scale-ups, it will allow the work teams to be reinforced at all times according to the needs of each company.

Innsomnia, whose headquarters are in the Marina of Valencia, has also presented at its stand at the 4YFN the project 1.070 KM HUB that it promotes together with other innovation hubs in the Balearic Islands, Castellón, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Almería, Granada, Málaga and Ceuta. The objective of the project is to promote the scalability of scale-ups at an international level through the collaboration and attraction of large technology multinationals.

Innsomnia has developed digitization programs since 2016 for corporates such as Bankia, Caixabank, Red Link (Argentina), Santalucía, Cesce, Howden, Michelin O GSK. Currently, he is part, together with KPMG, from the technical office for digitization of Spanish ports promoted by Puertos del Estado through its Ports 4.0 fund.

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