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The truth has as many nuances as gazes fall on it. In the trial against Pablo Ibar, two truths coexist in front of the twelve members of the jury. And a single reality: the one that has the accused behind bars for 26 years. Outside of court, the difference begins even when naming what landed him in jail. In the United States the press talks about “The Miramar Murders”. In Spain, the “Pablo Ibar case.” In the middle, the cameras of director Olmo Figueredo in the six-part miniseries that HBO premieres this Friday. “My intention was to take a step back and give voice to all parties,” says the filmmaker and producer. “I wanted to present the case, which arouses many passions, and then walk away,” he sums up.

To do this, he has interviewed 53 people, has archived 2,000 hours of recordings and has had privileged access to the trial, where he has put seven cameras and miked all the protagonists. Among them, Cándido Ibar, Pablo’s father. “The documentary will be a good thing for people to know how we are the two sides of a reality,” explains the parent, in conversation with ABC.

A court on the couch

Figueredo articulates the six episodes of “The State against Pablo Ibar” as a true trial so that “the spectator is the jury.” The first chapter sets out the accusation; the second, the defense appeal; in the third and fourth he enters the court fully and listens to the witnesses; the fifth contains the verdict and the sixth, the sentence. «In Spain, for a long time, Pablo was defended, his innocence, without really knowing your case. The case is inabarcabe, the typical ball of wool that you throw and never ends. And it is a case of gray, doubts, contradictions … That is why the six-hour format “, he analyzes.

Cándido Ibar, Pablo's father
Cándido Ibar, Pablo’s father

A job to which the producer has dedicated six years of work. Something that has allowed him to get close to all parties personally – “it was difficult for the Ibar family to understand that greeting one of the victims was not going against them” – and also to unpublished material. Like the video of the murder, the key piece of evidence that pointed to Ibar. 27 minutes in black and white and minimal quality in which the murderers of the Miramar house are seen torturing the victims to death.

“It was impossible not to put it in the documentary because it is a fundamental piece of the case, but we have removed all the possible sensationalism,” says the director. Reminding Candido of those images, he squeezes his eyes as if blocking his memory. “They put it every day of the trial and leave it in the background while the prosecution speaks,” he laments. “Everything is a” show “there, it’s incredible … But even his expert said he couldn’t be sure it was him. America has these weird things. ” And sighs.

“The State against Pablo Ibar” filmed until February 2020, weeks before the confinement, when he interviewed Pablo in prison. He is already sentenced to life imprisonment. The 2019 trial commuted the death sentence. But the family is still thinking about appealing. The transcripts are missing to be able to restart the case and fight to free him. “I dream that we have a fair trial, a different judge than what we have had and Pablo is acquitted”, wishes Cándido Ibar.

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