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Francisco Alarcón was the leader of Julen Lopetegui’s Real Madrid. We are talking about the months of August, September and October 2018, when the Gipuzkoan coach directed Real Madrid after leaving the position of Spanish coach, a direction that also gave Isco his leadership in the national team for a golden year.

They were the best moments of the Malacitano midfielder in his career, the epicenter of Spain and Real Madrid. But Lopetegui had left the national team in July three years ago, after announcing that he would go to the white club, and FLorentino Perez fired him in November 2018 after leaving the Camp Nou thrashed.

The technician went badly stopped in four months of cracking. And Isco lost his leadership. The Malacitano stopped being a starter with Solari, the new Madrid coach, who left him on the bench after several problems with the player’s indiscipline. The anger of the midfielder in Éibar when Solari took him out in the second half with a 3-0 against was the last straw for the coach and his technical team. Isco argued with the Argentine’s assistants and was punished without playing in the next game, that it was from the Champions League. He traveled and stayed on the bench.

Since then, the Andalusian has lost all prominence at Real Madrid. That season with Solari was practically blank. Y he did not take care of himself. He did not train well. Zidane returned in March 2018 and the man from Malaga began to work more with a view to recovering the lost position, the lost time.

He has never been a starter again. The club wanted to transfer him a year ago. Isco was ready to go to the winter market, six months ago, until Odegaard took away that square to leave to English football.

He has been charging as a holder for three years without being one. Now, Real Madrid wanted to transfer him again. And he doesn’t want to leave. You have one year left on your contract and you want to fulfill it. He will leave the white house if he has an offer of a good team and they pay him the 6.5 million net salary that he receives at Real Madrid.

It is Isco’s dilemma. Lopetegui has called him again for the cause. He proposes to come to Sevilla. It has that Sevillian offers and proposals from the Premier. Lopetegui likes the option, but Sevilla is not willing to pay his 6.5 million chip. You have one year left on your contract and Real Madrid ask for 20 million of transfer for him.

The footballer must decide if he stays in Madrid to collect all his money or goes to Seville losing some of his file. At Real Madrid they have already told him, like Ceballos, that he will have no place because, apart from the three classic starters in midfield, Housemiro, Modric, Kroos, will be Valverde and Odegaard. Isco decides.

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