Israel and Bahrain agree to open embassies on Bahraini Foreign Minister’s trip to Jerusalem

Israel expresses its wish that the opening ceremonies take place “at the end of the year”


The Governments of Israel and Bahrain announced on Wednesday an agreement to open embassies, within the framework of the first visit to Israel by Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Abdulatif bin Rashid al Zayani, and in line with the agreement that the two countries signed in September. to normalize their diplomatic relations.

Al Zayani, who heads an official Bahraini delegation that has traveled to Jerusalem, has been received by his Israeli counterpart, Gabriel Ashkenazi, a meeting in which they have agreed to open their respective embassies “as soon as possible”, according to the Israeli newspaper. ‘Yedioth Ahronoth’.

“I am pleased to transfer the request of the King of Bahrain to open an Embassy in Israel and announce that the request for an Israeli Embassy in Manama has been approved,” he said, before stressing that “this step is a courageous step” in the face of achieve “security, stability and prosperity” in the region.

In response, Ashkenazi has stressed that he expects the process to be completed this year. “I hope that at the end of the year we can hold the ceremonies to celebrate the openings,” he said, before revealing that he plans to visit Manama in December to attend this event.

He also confirmed that Bahraini citizens will be able to start applying for visas online as of December 1 and stressed that “direct flights between the two countries will soon begin, allowing citizens to visit and learn more about these wonderful countries” .

“Israeli and Bahraini businessmen and investors will sit down together and find ways to cooperate and build partnerships that bring prosperity to our countries,” Ashkenazi said, as reported by the Israeli newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’.

In this regard, the Israeli Foreign Minister has said that he and his counterpart have become “close friends”. “We are more than friends. We are partners who share a vision, an objective and a commitment. We have a vision of prosperity, peace and security for our region,” he added.

For his part, the Bahraini Foreign Minister pointed out that “with this historic visit to the State of Israel, Bahrain’s policy of commitment to peace as a strategic option is confirmed” and has emphasized that it is a first step to “increase the cooperation “between the two countries to” achieve shared objectives. “

“The Middle East has witnessed conflict and instability over the past decades and the time has come for us to pursue other policies to achieve a comprehensive solution that achieves prosperity and development for all,” he added, as reported by the Bahraini state news agency. , BNA.

Al Zayani has also compared his visit to Jerusalem with that made on November 19, 1977 by the then President of Egypt, Anuar Sadat, prior to the signing in 1979 of the peace agreement between the two countries. “I think it is appropriate that I make this visit so close to that anniversary, because I come from a country convinced of the importance of peace,” he stressed.

Israel and Bahrain formalized the establishment of diplomatic relations on October 18 with a trip by an Israeli delegation to the Arab country. The agreement was approved last week by the Israeli Parliament, which returned it to the government for ratification.

Bahrain reached its agreement with Israel days after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) did the same. Likewise, Sudan reached a similar pact in October with the Israeli government, in three processes that were mediated by the United States.

The agreements have been rejected by the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian Prime Minister Mohamad Shtayé has argued that they are “painful” and “do not change reality at all.” Thus, he stressed that the ‘Abraham Accords’ represent “a blow to the Arab consensus.”

In fact, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has stressed on several occasions that there are “very advanced” talks with at least five countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, with a view to signing similar pacts with Israel.

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