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The La Palma volcano does not give respite to the residents of Los Llanos and continues its destructive advance, in this case threatening population centers in the La Laguna neighborhood, where 800 people have been evacuated in a preventive way.

The laundry has taken northeast direction and it can affect the area between Camino de Cruz Chica at the junction with Camino Nicolás Brito Pais and from this point to the junction with the LP-213 (Las Martelas – Casa Kiko), descending to the junction with the general highway of Los Llanos de Aridane to Puerto Naos.

In this new threatened area are the streets of Camino los Breñuscos, Camino del Monte up to number 21, Camino las Casitas and Camino los Barretos. From 1 pm the neighbors work against the clock to try to save their belongings before the lava ends everything, since although some were already evacuated, their homes were not in danger.

The population has been asked to leave the area before 7:00 p.m., with their belongings and pets, and the plan is for them to go to the meeting point located in the Campo de Lucha Camino León de los Llanos de Aridane, where they will be informed and will be given the necessary help to stay after triage, while people with reduced mobility will be transferred to the Teneguía Princess hotel in Fuencaliente.

The director of the Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands (Pevolca), Miguel Ángel Morcuende, has detailed that «there is more than enough time to evacuate safely»As the laundry progresses with« great force »but at a speed of 10-15 meters per hour. It is a branch of the stream that was born as a result of the rupture of the cone of the volcano last Saturday on its north flank and that has caused “a change in the lava flow and the flow of geography.”

This is a “less powerful stream, more to the northwest and that has crossed diagonally the Callejón de la Gata industrial estate”, and that although it has less force than the arm from which it emerges, it is “transposing to the head of a small basin and that threatens new urban elements that they were not evacuated until now. As he has assured, “it will still take time to reach the area that we have had to evacuate today, as a result of the change in slope after crossing the polygon” because “aslow but inexorable vanza».

A laundry that “eats it all”

To the north of the Todoque mountain, with a distance to the sea of ​​about 200 meters and with the possibility of creating a new fajana, the most worrying wash runs. The laundry «northwest direction has enormous power at this time taking most of the lava flow from the cone». It has been slowing down but has the capacity to «take everything in its path and eat it all on its way»Since although it is« more viscous »it has» a lot of force behind it because it collects the flow of the cone at this moment «. From this, it is the arm that has crossed diagonally the Callejón de Las Gata de Los Llanos industrial estate could move to areas not evacuated previously.

The primitive stream, the oldest and south of the Todoque mountain, has two appendages, one is the one that has already reached the sea in a fajana that barely has flow right now, while the other is on his way to the area of ​​the El Charcón beach, with just 200 meters that separate it from the sea and running in banana plantations of the fajana that created the eruption of the San Juan volcano in 1949.

While the primal laundry «loses bellows, and has no lavage contribution », this «low with power parallel to the original one, and is producing major damage, crossing crops and residential areas «, to which«is eating ».

This, on the other hand, worries less because it is passing through the evacuated area and “it is not capable of causing personal injury, but it is capable of producing a lot of material”.

Confinement lifted

The confinement of other neighborhoods on Monday afternoon, due to the toxic cloud that caused the arrival of the lava The facilities in the industrial park of Los Llanos, Callejón de la Gata, got up this morning. This confinement affected some 2,500 people from various areas near the industrial estate and within the expected path of the wind that carried the toxic cloud.

It was carried out, Morcuende pointed out, “for foresight and prevention” in view of the possibility of contaminants in the laundry path and that could affect health. “The quality of the air already in the afternoon of Monday around 18 hours was safe for health, but given the possibility of affecting other plants with chemical elements the measure was maintained”, and now the laundry “has gone through the polygon and there is no danger.

The airport is still inoperative

Wind conditions, as explained by the director of the National Geographic Institute (IGN), María José Blanco, are «Unfavorable» for the operation of La Palma airport, although it is not expected to affect activity at Tenerife airports.

The ash column and gases emitted by the volcano has reached 3.5 kilometers in height, with a thermal inversion of around 1,700 meters. The eastern and southern slopes of La Palma will be the most affected by the ash rain, which could reach the west of Tenerifee.

Sulfur dioxide remains high but in trend to the previous days with more than 21,000 tons per day and in the surroundings of Cumbre Vieja, carbon dioxide has been measured in 1,844 tons daily, which is not a health hazard.

Yes you have registered «a peak of great intensity«At 8 in the morning at the El Paso station of sulfur dioxide, with 830 micrograms per cubic meter that has already remitted until it is below the thresholds.

As for ash, the most dangerous of the PM10 type has only registered one high concentration of 225 micrograms per cubic meter at the Los Llanos station, but these values ​​did not exceed the thresholds again.

4.1 earthquake shakes La Palma

Seismicity is maintained at average depths of between 10 and 15 kilometers, and with deeper earthquakes at more than 20 kilometers. This “does not suggest that another emitting center can be opened away from the main cone«As both spokespersons have pointed out.

Has significantly increased the amplitude of tremor, which “does not mean a depletion of magma, but there are more gases in the eruptive conduit,” reported María José Blanco.

The most intense earthquake has been 4.1 direction in intensity 3, 37 kilometers deep. Of the 64 registered, six of them have been felt by the population.

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