“It is very sad that someone who claims to love a person does not fulfill his will”




Thirty-six years after the death that paralyzed the whole of Spain and left the whole world pending on radio and television, again Paquirri’s name, a great bullfighter, is on everyone’s lips. In the midst of dimes and diretes, pink and yellow affairs, the intimacies of divided families, the memory of a figure who gave his life to the bull is enlarged and whose bullfighting blood runs through the veins of his older sons Francisco and Cayetano, both bullfighters. For the honor of a father and for his legacy, not the financial but the purely sentimental heritageThey will fight for what since that fateful afternoon in September 1984 must have gone into their hands. They are not only bullfighting gear, funons or dresses of lights. It is much more: the living memory of a myth, what that “sailor of lights” wore on each walk whose shadow stretches again in this wave of injustice and evil.

Francisco and Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez have not yet been able to recover what belongs to them. Not today, but for decades, since that September afternoon when “Nibble” gave a deadly goring to an unrepeatable figure.

That news shocked a bull hide dressed in mourning. From north to south. The integrity of Paquirri telling the doctor that he was in his hands, to open where he had to open, and the subsequent image of Isabel Pantoja, with black glasses and broken with pain, monopolized covers and headlines. «I love you, I love you, full of fullness and life», The widow kept exclaiming, prostrate on her knees before Paquirri’s corpse.

The lawyer of his children referred to that love, Joaquín Moeckel. «It is very sad that someone who claims to love a person does not fulfill his wishes or his will. When you truly love, you do what that someone wanted. Failure to deliver those goods shows a kink and an evil It doesn’t make sense, ”says the renowned bullfighting lawyer. In capital letters, a phrase that has circulated on the networks: “Civil or criminal actions may prescribe, but not the badness of people.”

It is not about hectares or farmhouses, or about heritage value, but about a sentimental heritage, «To deliver very personal items; We do not want lawsuits, but obstinacy to do harm to children is not understood. Because then, that year 84, Francisco and Cayetano were only children, children who were left without the most precious thing, the father. Now, and always, they only claim the indelible mark of their memories.

What would happen if Isabel Pantoja does not deliver the objects? «The judicial requirement would be promoted again so that the assets of the document that she signed herself, annexed to the testament, be delivered to Francisco and Cayetano.

The statements of Kiko Rivera in Telecinco, affirming that the supposed objects stolen from his father were seen with his own eyes in a Cantora’s room, They have unleashed a media stir and also the meeting with his brothers. Thus, this same Wednesday, the three Rivera traveled to Barbate to visit his uncle Riverita, who gave a cape to Cayetano. «Today someone in heaven is very happy; We came to see my uncle José, who is very ill, “said Francisco, as a co-pilot in a car driven by Kiko and with Cayetano in the back seat, in a small video posted on his social networks. The three brothers together before the gaze of a father from that heaven of the brave.

Three siblings through the father: the two oldest, sons of Carmina Ordóñez; the little one, by Isabel Pantoja, Paquirri’s widow. Now, Francisco Rivera Ordóñez and Cayetano, with Moeckel as a lawyer, reactivate the fight for those assets after Kiko’s public statements. Fulfill the will of whoever paid with deadly blood the passion of his life, bullfighting, and that his legacy is in the hands of whom Paquirri decided and that Isabel Pantoja herself signed in a document. For his honor, for his memory, for his memories, the maintainers of the bullfighter blood of Paquirri. Always in the name of the father. A living legend.

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