«It was unheard of for Adolfito to be on the street»




“Adolfito is here!” It was the phrase that, in a low voice, circulated through Guadamur every time Adolfo Vega Matamala, 38 years old and with a long criminal record, stepped on this Toledo town of about 2,000 inhabitants. “We knew that, when he came, there began to be robberies,” say his neighbors about the alleged thief of crucifixes, who the Civil Guard arrested this week along with his sentimental partner. In addition, the investigators arrested the three receivers from Humanes (Madrid) who bought the stolen religious pieces from them, of which more than two tons have been recovered.

Many of those neighbors do not know that Adolfo and his partner, accused of stealing more than 450,000 euros of material since February, have slept behind bars last night. A Toledo judge sent them to prison accused of being the alleged perpetrators of a crime of robbery with continued force, aggravated by “notorious importance”.

“It was unheard of that he was on the street,” it is said in the small groups of Guadamur, where they remember that the son of Adolfo and María del Mar came to be arrested for stealing computers from the school a few years ago. Also for stealing pigeons for pigeon shooting championships. “He is a recognized criminal”They affirm without ambiguity of Adolfo, who worked during the day in a goat farm located 200 meters from the cemetery.

They carried cargo on the day of arrest

When the crucifixes were stolen from the cemetery in April, several residents already focused their eyes on Adolfo, who had returned to the town a short time ago. He lived in his parents’ house, at number 4 Costanilla de la Natividad street. In the courtyard of this house with a swimming pool, the Civil Guard found about 100 ornamental images, mainly bronze, weighing approximately one and a half tons. Of these, 70 were cut in the yard and ready to be sold.

76 kilometers away, in a scrap metal recovery center in Humanes, Adolfo’s sentimental partner had deposited a shipment of material that same day for sale. Later, the investigators found in these facilities numerous pieces of ornamental figures that the criminals had cut with a radial to facilitate their transport and concealment. In total, 700 kilograms.

With the wave of robberies in the area –Argés, Orgaz, Mora, Noez or Las Ventas with Peña Aguilera, among other municipalities-, the residents of Guadamur lamented on social networks the lack of civil guards in the Polán barracks, on which the town known for the Guarrazar treasure depends. Such is the lack of agents -there are only two- that its mayor, Sagrario Gutiérrez, has even written a letter to ask for staff to be replenished. “But there isn’t,” says the councilor.

Now, with Adolfo Vega Matamala and his partner behind bars thanks to Operation Crucix, the inhabitants of Guadamur have taken to social networks, according to the mayor, to praise this work of the Civil Guard. «I have been quite happy since people are very hurt because it is a subject that reaches the heart. Among the bad things, people are satisfied that the public order forces have done what they always do: fulfill their obligation, ”Emilio Bravo, mayor of Mora, from whose cemetery Adolfo and his sentimental partner took in November, allegedly, 88 crucifixes.

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