Italy will maintain the curfew also during the Christmas holidays




The Minister of Regional Affairs of Italy, Francesco Boccia, announced that the national curfew that begins at 10 pm throughout the month of December will be maintained and that there will be no exceptions for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.

«Should we celebrate New Year’s Eve? We will celebrate it at home. If we decide that there is a curfew, then one goes home regardless of what there is. It has to be done, ”he said, reiterating that there will be no exceptions to the Christmas and New Year curfew in an interview on Rainews television.

Boccia explained that at the moment he is getting ready the new decree which will establish the anti-contagion regulations for the month of December and announced that it will be difficult to relax the measures.

«I think nobody wants a third wave, and to avoid it, we must continue with rigor and social distancing. It is difficult for a relaxation of the rules, “he stressed.

Limited movements

On the crowds that could be seen this weekend in shopping areas of the big cities, Boccia considered that “it is inevitable that when commercial activities are reopened there is a desire to carry out the usual activities that have been conditioned for 9 months. I think the reaction is natural, but it is not natural not to respect the rules and the distancing ».

In an interview published today in the newspaper “La Stampa”, the Vice Minister of Health, Pierpaolo SileriHe also announced that in the next decree “movements between regions will be limited” even among the regions considered in the yellow zone, that is, of moderate risk of contagion.

‘By the end of December most regions are likely to be in the yellow zone and at that time Christmas lunches with positives on the table would be enough to relive a massacre, “he warned.

Sileri announced that the recommendation of a limited number of guests for meals these days. «I would say 6, even if it is not a magic number. And that there are not 6 different guests at each meal.

The Vice Minister of Health reiterated that the curfew will remain at 22 hours, and that restaurants and bars will open, “but after the Christmas holidays.”

«At this moment we must continue giving oxygen to hospitals. There are still too many ICUs and too many full rooms. For now, I would leave everything frozen, and in January I would begin to consider making the measures more flexible for them, but also for theaters and cinemas “, he estimated.

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