“It’s illogical, we have the right to play it”



The real Madrid the League and the Champions are played in three days and Zidane has to make bobbin lace to order a serious eleven against the Verdiblancos and have a competitive line-up against Chelsea next Tuesday, at the expense of Ceferin and the decisions of UEFA. In Cádiz they were perfect and we have to repeat it.

Carvajal recovered for the cause and with Blanco as the new center midfielder, Fede Valverde, Mendy, Kroos Ramos and Lucas Vázquez are out, but the French side will be released on Tuesday against Chelsea

The professionals of the white team do not want to think that the arbitrations of the European Cup harm them, as is suspected after the Ceferin’s counterattack. It would be the last straw UEFA president had to give the European Cup to Florentino Pérez in the Istanbul box. Nobody believes that this will happen anymore. And it is the bad thing, although Benzema makes Real Madrid dream. Meanwhile, the Zizou players are concentrating on beating the Sevillian team tomorrow and maintaining their league options.

The French coach has finally recovered Carvajal, but He will not be able to use Fede Valverde, Ramos and Lucas Vázquez for these next two games. Yes to Mendy.

Zinedine He spoke of Ceferin’s threat to kick Real Madrid out of this Champions League: «Illogical. We are going to to play the Champions League, we have the right and we are going to play it. It is an absurd business. I’m not going to get into that. I can only tell you that we are going to prepare to play the Champions League semi-final ».

Speak of the possible arbitration against Celsea and fear to a referee who whistles against Real Madrid: “I am not worried, we are going to prepare for the Champions League and we hope for a good refereeing.”

He referred to the injured: «Kroos will not be there and Modric will get in. About Hazard, will be in the call. That is another good news for us.

He valued how physically they arrive at the duel against Betis: «We have recovered well. We are going to face a very good team. They are solid, very good. They play football very well. We are prepared to make a great game, we want to continue with what we are doing knowing the situation. Until the end they are going to be tough games, we have to be prepared to play 90 minutes at a very high level ».

I know referred a Blanco and Miguel Gutiérrez: «It is proof that the youth squad come here to the first team and that this club draws a lot of players from the quarry.

Analyzed the t-shirts against the Super League that Cádiz and others wore teams: “It didn’t bother me at all, everyone is free to express what they want.”

He assured that Ramos will obtain competitive registration in a few days: «He has returned to training with us, they have a few more to go and he will soon be with the team». And he hopes to also recover Mendy: «I want him to be on Tuesday before el Chelsea ».

He affirmed that «we have a good squad, very good, without it we could not be fighting until today in two competitions with everything that has happened to us in the form of injuries and Covid ».

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