I’ve seen the error six or seven times. I’ve been martyred a bit »



In the old Petroski, very hot on Wednesday in St. Petersburg, appears Unai Simon, the first time he has been heard after his rude failure in the round of 16 against Croatia. That day was also decisive in extra time, so he made up for his skid with that huge save, that’s the life of goalkeepers. Undisputed holder for Luis Enrique, the goalkeeper, although the seriousness of his face does not seem so, conveys the confidence that the coach gives him, since he has already become the owner and lord of the cave of Spain.

“Football is a cluster of successes, but also small errors. When we commit them the goalkeepers are magnified. It was an accident, once that happens … Soccer is like that. You spend a minute or two thinking about what happened when Croatia hadn’t done anything. I was still on the field and the team needed me. I risked the same way and I had to focus and do it well, “he analyzed his performance: first hell, then heaven:” It was a rush for me. It is true that after the mistake some negative statements came to me, but the have people cheering for five minutes every time he touched the ball gives you a lot of energy. I am very grateful. David stayed to wait for me. What he told me we keep between us, but what I can say is that it reassured me a lot that he came to tuck me in. When a goalkeeper like him tells you that, you can only improve and look up.

He accepted that in his career few games have marked his career as much as this one. «Emotionally, I have lived matches in which I have had very strong feelings, especially the Cup finals with Athletic. But it was the most important game of my life. I will never forget it, we were able to leave with a bad taste in our mouths and we gave a good example of the personality that this team has by turning it around ». And, he admits, this shock has made him grow. «Every day I try to be a better porter. You can improve, every day is a new game, a new experience. That experience was unique, I had never lived it and it was special. I am better today than yesterday, but worse than tomorrow. It was a personal game with many experiences, very emotional. With the fifth goal, also in the third, I vent a little. I released that rage. I wanted to show that I am not the goalkeeper of the first goal we conceded». «I was talking to my girlfriend and my relatives and you think about what it could have been, a very hard stick. But this is what we have to do, mistakes are part of the game and we don’t have to think about it any more, “he said.

But he did spin it. «It is a bad control that I do. Honestly, I have seen it and I have martyred myself a little, I’ve seen him six or seven times and I can’t find him … The sun didn’t bother me, it’s a bad control. It slips away from me. It had a lot of space. I’m trying to get him out of control and instead of leaving him dead … It’s an accident. I do not know how many times I have done that control and none have gone inside. It can be remedied.

Analyze Spain

«In this European Championship they have played us very few occasions, we have a lot of the ball and we have the best defense I can have. The rival team also plays, it is normal that as we go through the elimination rounds there are higher level rivals who generate more chances. They have hardly created danger for us in the group stage and Croatia did us very little, being a quite powerful team, “he explained about how he sees the team, already in the quarter-finals after a hesitant start with draws against Sweden and Poland.

Already with the forgotten scare, it is time to think about the future, a city Switzerland because it brought down the almighty France of Mbappé, Griezmann and Pogba and which the goalkeeper respects while underlining the strength of Spain. «They are the quarterfinals. We do not depend on the rival, we depend on ourselves. We play to win, it doesn’t matter if we face France, Switzerland or Ukraine. To win we have to face the one who touches us ». «Large groups are forged in adversity, it is a pride to be part of this team. What they have covered me says a lot about the group we haveI have always said and we have always been told that these competitions are won by the teams and not by the national teams. And it is what we are, a team. I do not know where we will arrive, but we can see that we are united and whatever happens we will continue working, “he said.

I don’t know how it will go. The fans can whistle you, we do our football. There were more Croats in the field and I only heard Spanish. You focus on what you want to hear and only think about what happens in the field.

And so he highlighted the work of the coach, who has once again raised the euphoria for this Spain: «Luis Enrique is the main architect of all this. He has shown us the way and tells us where we have to go. The group is made up of the players, but the treatment with the staff also influences a lot. Luis Enrique has been very important and we are very comfortable. During the game I don’t remember him giving me many indications. He does not tend to address me much in the field. In the dressing room, yes, we corrected many details ». «I can’t compare you with other teams, I don’t know if there have been egos before. Here is a very humble and hardworking group of people who are eager to win the Eurocup ».

Focused on today

He continues to have the difficult ballot of being a goalkeeper for the national team and with that concentration he wants to continue until the last day. Hence, the call for the Games is something that is still distant. “We are in the Eurocup, when it’s time we’ll talk about the Olympics.” «We already know that Sergio brings a lot of experience to the game, and this is very similar to that of his club. He is used to it and helps us a lot in that sense, any player in that position helps us. He has experience and helps us in the placement and distribution of the game, “he said about Sergio Ramos, who will not be at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic event either.

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