Javier Cámara, the only witness to the murder of a mayor in the new series by the creators of ‘Hierro’



Gifted for drama and comedy, for thriller and probably even western, Javier Chamber will be the main protagonist of ‘Rapa’, new miniseries from the creators of ‘Hierro’, the most watched series of Movistar + in 2021. The screenwriter Pepe Chur, In collaboration with Fran Araujo, has written the story that will direct Jorge Coira. There will be six 50-minute episodes. This time the Coira brothers take the filming to their Galicia, to the towns of Cedeira and Ferrol. The work with the cameras begins in September, to be able to premiere ‘Rapa’ in 2022.

The plot begins with the murder of the mayor of a Galician town, which will lead to an investigation of the crime. Tomás, the character played by Javier Cámara (‘Sentimental’, ‘Vota Juan’, ‘The forgetfulness that we will be’) is the sole witness of the facts. At the moment, the name of the rest of the protagonists of the series is not known.

According to your official synopsis, the story takes place in the Capelada mountain range, an ancient land of high cliffs above the sea, where horses live free, except for one day: that of the ‘beast rapa’. The rapa is a tradition that synthesizes the beauty and the wildness of a territory that is generally quiet, but which is going to be the scene of a crime. Searching for the murderer of Amparo Seoane, the mayor of the town, will be the common objective of Tomás – a frustrated teacher – and Maite, a sergeant of the Civil Guard. And it will become something more: a good reason to live.

«Rapa is a thriller. It is the story of a crime, and of the reasons why someone kills and why someone investigates», Tell its creators, Pepe Coira and Fran Araújo. «It is a story that brings together a series of characters that we were attracted to meet: the frustrated teacher who feels like a stimulus to have witnessed a murder; the sergeant of the judiciary who is in his territory when he is hunting the culprit; the men and women involved, a human group in which it is not easy to distinguish who is guilty and who is the victim ”.

«We think the story for a magical place, where sea and land, wind and calm intermingle, the territory that goes from the Sierra da Capelada, on the Atlantic coast, to Ferrol. A place where everything can change around every corner ”, add Coira and Araújo.

‘Rapa’ is a Movistar + production in collaboration with the Galician company Portocabo, and has Alfonso Blanco as executive producer.

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