“John’s journey is truly unique, from Beatle to cultural leader and political activist”

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In the summer of 1980, John Lennon was composing and recording for the first time in many years, while enjoying a sweet moment of his relationship with Yoko Ono. In the midst of that rebirth, he was murdered in cold blood, a crime that will mark 40 years on December 8. Coinciding with this anniversary, the American writer John Patterson, one of the world’s greatest bestselling authors, will publish on the 7th “The Last Days of John Lennon”, written together with Casey Sherman Y Dave Wedge, who write about crimes that actually happened.

The successful novelist, best known for his books on FBI agent Alex Cross, but who according to his publicist has published almost 300 books, believes that His new work is relevant despite all those who have been published about the musician. Speaking to WBUR, a public radio station in Boston, USA, the author reflected: “Yes, there have been other Lennon books before, but so what?” He added that “a lot of people don’t really know much about Lennon.” About the existing books, he asked himself: “Has anyone read them?”, Adding that he also considers that “the films that have been made about Lennon are not good.”

The idea of ​​the authors is to present the former member of The Beatles to the generations who have lived with the story of his death but without really knowing him, and also demystifies the relationship with Ono, saying that it was definitely “true love”. For Wedge, “there is a thirst for this renewed look at Lennon under today’s microscope, today’s perspective”, while Sherman believes that “leaving aside the title, I would say that what it shows is an evolution of one of the best composers and musicians of the twentieth century ». «John’s journey is truly unique, from Beatle to cultural leader and political activist. And that contributed to his disappearance, “he said.

The book also allows some fictitious licenses whose objective is to present in a more credible way what happened in the episodes that narrates about his life, such as internal dialogues or the exchange between his story and that of his murderer. «We’re Beatles nuts, “Wedge explained,” but Casey and I love to write about true crimes., and we took it precisely as a true crime, not as a rock book, and gave it a new look. To do this, they spoke with witnesses, prosecutors and lawyers, and even with Paul McCartney, who contributed his views on the real history of his partner in one of the most important bands that have ever existed.

‘It’s the story of a murder, of the back and forth between Lennon and (Mark David) Chapman, which I think is particularly dramatic because I think that at that point in his life, John Lennon was beginning to find himself again as an artist and to gain the confidence he needed, “explained Patterson, who also considered that” the more he talked to people, more I felt that it was a story (that of Lennon and Ono) of genuine love “, which the public can probably” accept better than back then “.

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