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Sotogrande (Cádiz)



Having geniuses close to home is good for everyone. On the one hand you see them execute fantasy shots and how they handle themselves in front of the masses. And, sometimes, routines are discovered that are not common in other athletes. This is the case of Jon Rahm. Many of the 40,000 spectators who packed the Villa de Madrid Country Club last week were surprised at the card delivery area at the end of the days. A sensation that will be repeated these days in Valderrama in the second and last week of the world number one in Spain this year.

What catches the attention of the fans in that small space? Well, more than an hour after having finished his performance, the Barrica continues to sign autographs for the little ones as if nothing had happened. “For me it is no effort to dedicate this time to the kids,” he says. I have said many times that if today I am in the place I occupy it is because when I was like them I received the attention and signatures of my idols. It all started precisely here, in Valderrama, and in fact I keep the photograph Henrik Stensonsigning me on the shirt, something I have never forgotten. Precisely the Swede was his partner at the Ryder Cap in Paris and this fact was widely commented on by the entire European team.

The importance of legacy

This week of the Estrella Damm Andalucía Masters will have its great appeal in Biscay. He is clear about it and wants to leave his mark on international golf through children. “Jon has a great passion and knowledge of golf and understands that the future of it passes through the youngest. That is why he will always have time for the next generation, “he confirms. are agents Jeff Koski. This is related to the fact that he aspires to be the heir of Severiano Ballesteros to the extent that he can achieve and wants to leave his legacy to the following; that is, to deliver to successive generations at least what he received from previous ones. “When a professional signs autographs, he is giving something of everything he owes to the community that has helped him get there. The professional player would not exist if there were either the public or the media. Juan Antonio Corbalan, sports star of the past – and I think it is very grateful to respond with the minimum effort to sign some autographs for your followers, who are what you were and for whom it is the greatest illusion to be able to have that memory or be close to you”.

Unlike what happens with other elite athletes, who barely pay attention to the fans or even despise them (such as those who arrive at stadiums with their headphones on, absorbed in their mobile and without looking at their fans), for the best golfer on the planet it takes no effort to compliment fans. In fact, for him it is a daily gesture and he has it assumed in his daily work routine. “My job is to train, play and serve the fans and the media. That is something that I am always going to do when I am on a golf course », points out the Biscayan. This attitude is praiseworthy especially in view of what his kindness can affect future golfers, to whom he recommends firmly pursuing their goals. «If you think you can be a number one, as I believed when I was little, let them say it, no matter what they will say. Anyone who has become the best at something has believed it and made it public. Now, there are no tricks to achieve it, you have to put in many hours of work and have a lot of determination to achieve it. This is not only true for golf, but for everything in life; If you want to be the best at something, you have to work very hard and have a lot of discipline. Jon’s word.

From today until Sunday, in the Guadiaro garden the love of golf will continue to be sown in the little ones. Rahm will delight kids with more than just a pen stroke. He will ask them how they are doing, if they improve their swing and none will escape without a photo or a pose with their idol. With his charisma and kindness, the future is assured.

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