José Luis Moreno, who could hide at least 400 million abroad, considered leaving Spain




The summary of the Titella operation, in which among others José Luis Moreno was arrested, reveals that the popular television producer considered leaving Spain. According to police investigations, the most prudent calculations put the amount of money that this defendant has abroad at 400 million euros, but it could reach 900. As is known, Moreno is currently in release on bail after submitting a mortgage guarantee to cover the bail of three million euros imposed by the judge of the National Court Ismael Moreno, who instructs the proceedings.

The researchers reach this conclusion in a report advanced last night by the television program ‘Todo es verda’, broadcast on Cuatro. Specifically, the document states that «As a direct consequence of the financial situation that Moreno is going through in our country, He has decided to leave Spain, quickly sell everything he has and leave without liquidating anything, which would mean that Moreno would not introduce into our country the money that he seems to have hidden abroad (from 400 to 900 million) ». It should be remembered that in the order in which the producer is allowed to present a mortgage guarantee to meet the bond, the judge refers to the risk of flight, and adds: «Said economic capacity (recognized by the appellant at 23 million euros) … »; that is to say, an amount much lower than the one that the investigators maintain.

The intentions of José Luis Moreno to leave Spain are evident in some telephone interventions collected in the police proceedings. «I have already lived a life and outside I am very organized. What I have to go is out of Spain urgently. All outside expenses are paid outside. I am as if I had another life and it is the one I want, but definitely now. I don’t have to contaminate myself with anything here, because I also have everything very organized and highly regulated, ”explains the artist to his interlocutor. His destination, according to the investigations, could be Los Angeles, in the United States, or the British capital, where he would have properties. Also, he could be “building a hotel in the Maldives,” always according to the report.

In the document, the investigators also address what happened to the producer’s main victim, Alejandro Roemeers, who would have lost between 30 and 40 million euros after partnering with Moreno to produce a television series about San Francisco de Asís. “Through the telephone interceptions,” the Police explained, “it has been learned that would have appropriated for himself 16 million euros of the 32 million that Roemmers, as a partner and private investor, he would have contributed to the recording of a series that Moreno was supposedly doing with the company Dreamligth International Productions SL ».

The messages, both by phone and by email, that Roemeers sent to his then partner clearly reflect how he was beginning to distrust Moreno: “You have not done anything I asked of you, nor have you contributed fresh money to society”; «32 million (the amount he would have invested) in exchange for nothing, except an unfinished script and a trailer According to the experts I have consulted, it lacks quality ”, says the injured party.

The situation was known to some of the producer’s employees. Two of them affirm: «The fat thing is when they began to pass bills for personnel that did not exist, which were as if 100 people worked and they were only [dos]». And they add that “in the entire first year they did not begin to record.” In addition, they comment that there are huge and false invoices of up to 30,000 euros that are attributed catering and charges of up to 200,000 euros for Moreno’s stays in hotels.

But the police investigation provided another important piece of information that puts the popular ventriloquist in trouble. José Luis Moreno put all his properties in Spain in the name of a company, alien to all his, which was controlled by a figurehead. The reason for this operation was to prevent someone, including the Treasury, banks, private and financial investors, from claiming the important debts it accumulated. «You are doing a change of ownership of the properties listed in the name of their companies, specifically Gecaguma SL, Alba Adriatica SL and Kulteperalia SL, transferring them from these companies, which have large debts, to the clean company Olive Ville Capital SL “, say the researchers.

This extreme, advanced by ‘El Confidencial’, appears in a report that explains how those involved introduced large amounts of money into the legal circuit with the help of bank employees. As will be remembered, several of them were arrested in the Titella operation. “The organization – explains the document – moved large amounts of cash on a regular basis, approaching these amounts to the million euros every 15 or 20 days«.

One of Moreno’s main collaborators «would have worked for that attempted close operations with private investors to obtain liquidity, knowing that the documentation provided to the investors of the companies to which financing was given was fraudulent “.

As ABC anticipated, the sophistication of the plot reached such a point that some of the organization’s leaders in a few hours they set up a complete office, equipped with computers, furniture, telephones and the rest of the props –They had previously rented a place in Madrid– to receive a manager who was going to grant them a loan. As if it were the scene of a filming. The meeting was held and as soon as it finished they dismantled the beach bar. The company that requested this loan, like most of the 700 mercantile companies that they created, had no activity or employees. Its sole purpose was to raise funds and once achieved they would vanish.

José Luis Moreno is being investigated for crimes of fraud, falsification of documents, belonging to a criminal organization and against the Public Treasury, although the list may grow as the investigations progress.

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