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Has Pedro Sánchez declared war on the Community of Madrid? He denies it with the emphaticness and poise of the announcement, on the eve of the elections, that Pablo Iglesias in the Government was taking away his sleep, or that the Covid-19 pandemic had been defeated. But then the Prime Minister defends dividing the capital for “empty Spain”, as a way to balance the population and economic development, while his spokesman speaks of “sharing country and state.” Moreover, from La Moncloa it is noted that, if such a thing happened, the “new Administration bodies” would be installed outside Madrid. As if it did not have enough, and it was the main problem in Spain.

We are facing one maneuver at a time

distraction and attack, in which Pedro Sánchez is a teacher. The Community of Madrid has become the stronghold of the opposition, it was enough to hear the insults and shouts with which it was welcomed in yesterday’s parade to prove it. Apart from the economic engine of Spain, displacing Catalonia. The main cause is not its political capital, but its ‘friendly to business’ environment, which has attracted all kinds of companies, with the Catalans at the head, and a more beneficial taxation for businesses and individuals, starting with the non-existent tax of successions.

Madrid is accused and harassed on both sides. They want to decapitalize it by taking part of the State Administration to other cities, and force it to adopt the taxes of the other communities. When what they should do is just the opposite: lower taxes in other regions to mobilize business activity, which allows entry to Madrid several times more than Catalonia.

As for the slogan of «sharing country and development», let me warn you the following: I lived the 1940s in a provincial city, where the radio (who had it), the cinema, the evening ‘walk’ and the band of music, Sundays and Thursdays, were the only distractions for the neighbors, with some theatrical company that went from Easter to Ramos. Today, these capitals have a philharmonic orchestra, theater, exhibitions, conferences and the possibility of getting close to Madrid or Barcelona in a few hours. Apart from the enormous luxury of being able to walk to work and have a drink with friends before dinner.

In other words, the ‘decapitalization of Madrid’ is actually the beheading of Spain. In other words: the hidden gift that Pedro Sánchez makes to secessionists of all kinds in our geography, since he cannot give them what they ask for: self-determination. Ready that is the boy. But they do not want to be from Madrid, but independent.

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