Juan Carlos Girauta: The rabble



The minister has been confused. They advised her to demand the criminal records of her candidates for public office, and she interpreted it without the specific article. So there you have it raw if you have not committed a crime, and it is a piece of cake if you drag several types of the Penal Code.

I do not rule out that some great man or woman of power ends up knowing all the crimes, in all their forms, and completes the funny puzzle. A feat considered unattainable until now, but one that the most dreamy spirits have contemplated again since Sánchez introduced advisers to the Venezuelan dictatorship in the Council of Ministers. Be careful, teaching Chávez and Maduro how to repress better and expropriate more quickly must have a prize in hell.

I break to yawn

and I fall asleep like a dormouse every time I run into the Jeremiahs on duty about the breach of I don’t know what ethical code of Podemos. Code what? Did Casanova have a chastity code? Did Vlad Tepes the Impaler follow a code of empathy? You did not have to be very clever to understand the nature of the podemita decalogue: rigid rules that made politics undesirable, that struck down the presumption of innocence and that, of course, only applied to others, to all the unfortunate people who lacked a podemita passport. . In a bar magician’s sneakiness, a trick of those that only deceive the one who has four drinks, the new extreme left has changed the people, holder of sovereignty, for the people, holder of brutality, demagoguery, gossip. and parallel justice. Perpetrated the substitution, the moral power was his, not in vain did the genuine representatives of that, the people, come to claim. The attempt to prostitute laws and sentences borrowed its vileness from the irremediably maddened separatists. And of its means, those that some clueless of the Catalan PP (DEP) considers deserving of preferential attention.

Of course, with newspeak and neo-moral came neo-corruption and neoeta. They were not really fooling anyone except the young and tender journalists, who liked to sit languidly on the carpeted floors of the Congress rooms, forming a circle around a Che Guevara of all hundred. They all felt Régis Debray in Bolivia, but without dengue mosquitoes.

The PSOE was deceived less than anyone, as I was able to personally verify in the negotiations of the so-called Embrace Pact. Then, it is known, Sánchez shook off all those negotiators, until then his trusted men, and had an idea: so that we believe that he was accompanied instead of alone, he resorted to some extras. Suffice it to say that Adriana Lastra appeared in Antonio Hernando’s position.

Hey, I have to finish: there will always be demagogues, vocational tyrants and buscones called Don Pablos, but they will only piss on your head if any Sánchez lets them.

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