Juan Roig will continue to promote the Valencia Marathon until 2024 to “achieve the world record”




Juan Roig will continue to drive Marathon and Half Marathon Valencia at least until 2024, as the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, which Roig chairs, will continue to be the main collaborator of the two tests. “I said that I would like to achieve the world record in 2020 and as it has not been possible we will continue working four more years together to achieve it,” said the Valencian businessman.

At the conclusion of the Elite Edition of 2020, Juan Roig has highlighted that they will continue to set new challenges. «Today I want to announce that the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation is going to renew its commitment to the Valencia Marathon and will continue to support it until 2024 as its main collaborator. We are very happy for all the records we have broken today, ”Roig stressed.

The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation He began his association with both events in the 2012 edition, although it was not until 2014 when he began to name him as the main collaborator in the case of the Marathon. Since then, their involvement has been increasing, improving the records of the event, at the same time that the census of registrants was increasing until reaching the number of 25,000 in the last edition of the Marathon and 17,500, in the Half Marathon.

Roig highlighted the success of the World Half Marathon record achieved today, as well as the records of the Marathon event, both in the male and female category; along with the satisfaction that organizing races of this level has meant in the current difficult situation due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

“Being able to play this event was already important. Achieving this record one more year is another milestone for Valencia, which shows once again that it is the city of running and that we know how to organize events of the highest level. We have reinvented ourselves to keep up the activity and keep Valencia on the map ”, he stressed.

In the same vein, he stressed that it is “an honor and pride” that this environment has been experienced in Valencia. “People have been very connected, they have behaved in a responsible way, as was influenced by the organization, but in social networks and messages they show that everyone has been very connected to what happened here”, has detailed Juan Roig after the completion of the test, in addition to congratulating Roadrunner, «Which has once again shown that in Valencia and in Spain we know how to organize events and do it very well».

Paco Borao, race director, thanked the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation for this support. «This is for Valencia and it is very necessary. The global impact that the city has had today is spectacular ”, he celebrated.

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