Junqueras and Puigdemont continue to be the “preferred” by the Catalans to be president of the Generalitat




Carles Puigdemont and Oriol Junqueras continue to be the Catalans’ favorite politicians to preside over the Generalitat as of February 2021. Despite the fact that neither will be the candidates And, therefore, presidential, the November barometer of the Sociological Research Center (CIS) made public this Wednesday indicates this.

Puigdemont, fugitive from the Spanish Justice and MEP and that, despite everything, will be a symbolic part of the Junts candidacy, concentrates the preference of 15.2 percent of those surveyed (1,416 people between 3 and 12 of this month of November ). Puigdemont is only surpassed Junqueras, ERC leader and convicted of sedition for his participation in the illegal “procés”, which is the favorite of 19.1 percent of Catalans.

After them, Miquel Iceta (PSC) groups 13.8 percent of Catalans, ranking first of the politicians analyzed with a real chance of being president of the Generalitat and far from the following political leaders. Iceta is followed, far (3.6 percent), by Minister Salvador Badly (PSC), which will not be presented on the list of Catalan socialists to the autonomous Parliament in the elections of 14-F.

The second with options to be the next regional president that appears in the CIS poll is the candidate of Cs, Carlos Carrizosa, whom 3 percent of those surveyed would like to be the successor of Pere Aragonès (ERC), current acting president of the Generalitat after Quim’s disqualification Torra (Junts), which obtained 1.8 percent of support.

The following are Alejandro Fernández (PP, 1.6 percent), Jaume Asens (common, 1.3 percent), Jéssica Albiach (common, 1.2 percent), Carles Riera (CUP, 1, percent), the aforementioned Aragonès (1, 1 percent) and Marta Rovira (ERC) and Lorena Roldán (Cs) with 1 percent direct support regarding preference. The CIS survey highlights, in this question, 17.5 percent who responds that his preference is “none of them”

Junqueras, the one with the best average grade

On the other hand, always according to the CIS, Puigdemont continues to be the “king” of political polarization in Catalonia, since to the previous question we must add that he is the one that most Catalans value his performance “very badly” on a scale of 1 to 10. 39.7 percent of those who rated his performance did so with the worst grade, followed closely by Torra (36 percent).

After the former regional presidents, Carrizosa (26.9 percent), Roldan (23.3 percent), Rovira (20.9 percent) and Junqueras (19 percent), although to this question for the leaders of Cs (Carrizosa and Roldán) only 887 and 740 citizens of the 1,416 surveyed responded.

Continuing with the assessment, Junqueras is the one that comes out the best standing (5.3 out of 10), followed by Illa (4.9), Asens (4.6), Iceta (4.3), Albiach (4.2), Rovira and Riera (4, 1), Puigdemont (4), Torra (3.8), Fernández (2.9) and Carrizosa and Roldán (2.6).

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