Just Eat creates its own fleet of “riders” with an employment contract and differs from the Glovo and Deliveroo model




The food delivery company Just Eat is going to set up its own fleet of delivery people, to whom it will make an employment contract. It is the first delivery company to hires its “riders”. It should be remembered that the rest of the platforms that operate in our country, Glovo, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, do not follow this model, but rather have their distributors as self-employed. A decision that has led to several legal disputes between distributors and platforms and on which there is a final ruling from the Supreme Court where it is rejected that the distributors are autonomous.

As Just Eat, who recently celebrated ten years in Spain in a statement, explains, “this announcement represents another step in the company’s firm commitment to regulatory compliance and the creation of safe and quality employment. Until now, the platform had been offering restaurants for two years the possibility of having third-party distributors who are contracted through expert logistics companies in the last mile. In addition, the restaurants themselves could have their own delivery men if they wished. Some options that will continue to offer despite having their own distributors.

The fleet of own distributors will be formed “gradually”, according to the company, during the coming months in the cities of our country where it operates. For Just Eat, this step represents “an advance in labor matters for delivery people and its benefit translates into a higher level of affiliation of the delivery person with the company, which in turn results in an improvement in service for consumers and restaurants.”

For the director of Just Eat in Spain, Patrik Bergareche, «our delivery service for restaurants is in full growth and is tremendously strategic for us. Combining our current model of hiring delivery people through companies specialized in last-mile logistics with the use of them by our group is a natural evolution. Allows us optimize our operations and a higher level of bonding with our distributors. I am convinced that this model will be a success as it is nothing new in many parts of Europe where our colleagues have been applying it for years.

This announcement occurs just when the Government and social agents are debating about a regulation of the “riders”, since for the Supreme Court they are false self-employed, while the companies Glovo, Deliveroo and Uber Eats defend the autonomy of their distributors and the flexibility they offer with the regime on their own. Just Eat stands out from these three platforms and, according to Bergareche, although “there is currently a necessary debate about the figure of the delivery person, Just Eat has a firm commitment to regulatory compliance, the generation of quality employment and sustainability, in its broadest sense, the platform business.

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