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Rafael Amargo (45 years old) has given his first press conference after being arrested last Tuesday with his partner, also a dancer, of Argentine origin, Luciana Bongianino, for alleged crimes of criminal organization and drug trafficking. In this operation, the agents also arrested three other people.

The dancer and choreographer has attended the media to talk about his new work, “Yerma”, whose premiere has been canceled this afternoon for the second day in a row due to the artist’s situation. The dancer was scheduled to perform yesterday at 8:00 p.m. at the La Latina Theater but a few hours before a statement was sent announcing its cancellation. “Regarding the rest of the functions, for the moment they are maintained, awaiting further communication from the invited company,” they added. This afternoon the same thing happened and four hours before the premiere, they again announced the cancellation of the play. Finally, and if everything goes according to plan, the show will be held this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. «If we have been able to wait 24 hours, we will wait 48 because I want to do it well. I am a professional who works with the physical and I have been lying on the ground and now I want to be strong to do it well. Tonight I will rehearse with my company and tomorrow it will be released. If it were up to me, as soon as I left I would have gone to dance but I have people behind me who have a mind and sense and they told me: ‘Take it easy, breathe, relax and go to the ring’ “, Amargo confessed during the press conference held at the La Latina Theater.

The artist has answered the questions serene and excited about his new professional project. Backed up by your attorney, Candido Conde-Pumpido, the artist has answered all the questions, both about the work and the accusations of crimes of criminal organization and drug trafficking. «I want to tell all of Spain that I am fine. It is a bad drink but with time it will prove that I am innocent. This encourages me (…) to respect and value my work even more », said the bailaor without losing his smile. «I believe in law and justice when I know well (…). I am here because I am innocent, “he stressed.

After him, the 25 people who also work in the function have wanted to show their support in these difficult times. All of them ready for tonight’s rehearsal. With the costumes and makeup that tomorrow will wear in front of dozens of people. There are still tickets to sell. Although the theater is large, due to security measures we cannot fill all the seats, ”he said, visibly moved. It should be noted that the artists were all together, without maintaining a safe distance, none of them wore a mask, and even from time to time they gave each other signs of affection such as kisses and hugs.

Among the journalists was our partner, Angie calero, who has approached the choreographer to ask about the situation of Eduardo de los Santos, producer of the play and who, like Amargo, was also arrested in the “Cuervo” operation. «The presumption of innocence works for all people and therefore also for him. At the moment we cannot treat this person as guilty “, recalled the lawyer.

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