“Knew” the emptying of the dams with 70 days to spare




The Miño-Sil Hydrographic Confederation raises the tone in the reservoir crisis. The body dependent on the Ministry of Ecological Transition – which presides over the number two of the Galician PSOE, José Antonio Quiroga – was dispatched this Monday with a public note in response to the Xunta in which They accuse him of having spent “more than 70 days without doing anything” despite knowing in advance the intention of the electricity companies to carry out drains in the dams of their basin and not having made any decision in this regard. “You can not allow so much manipulation”, “accumulation of nonsense”, “incorrect statements” or “make noise and muddy” are some of the pearls of the statement sent by the presidency of the Confederation.

For Quiroga, «The Xunta has been changing its criteria in recent weeks at least three times: first no one warned them, a position that changed when the notifications from the concessionaire appeared in the press, after that if they had the powers they would not allow these level drops and, finally, alluding to an alleged collusion of the Confederation with the concessionaires “.

Miño-Sil insists that the Xunta “had knowledge” of the casts in Cenza and Portas in separate communications “addressed to the Nature Conservation Service of Orense”, and that the Confederation itself sent “an email through 112”. Núñez Feijóo referred to this communication with derision last Thursday: «That will be a joke (…) Luckily they did not refer him to a health center».

“Despite the fact that the Department of the Environment had knowledge of the emptying as of June, He did not start visiting the reservoirs until August 20, as it appears in the disciplinary proceedings initiated by the Autonomous Administration to this basin organism “. Quiroga avoids responsibilities claiming that the Confederation can only act in the event that the concessionaires “affect the rules of exploitation of the reservoirs”, but “to date no non-compliance has been detected”, after the Ministry announced to hype and dish the opening of informative files in the middle of August. It was the head of Miteco, Teresa Ribera, who announced last week a law to prevent electricity companies from emptying reservoirs in summer.


Thus, he insists that the environmental competences “are 100%” of the Galician government and alleges that the reservoirs are not intended for human use, so they cannot be intervened in application of the Water Law. Finally, it justifies the “80 requests for authorization” prior to the Xunta in drains of the past for “works in the reservoirs” or actions “of exceptional conservation” and not simple activity of the hydroelectric plants.

«Using water and the environment as a weapon of political confrontation is very serious, not assuming the competences in the environment that were transferred to it in its day and giving an image that the only thing that matters to the Xunta de Galicia is to make noise and muddy instead of preserving and defending the environment “, concludes Quiroga. The Ministry of the Environment was silent, while the administrative sanctioning procedure continues against the electricity companies Iberdrola and Naturgy and the Confederación.

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