La Liga enters the case against UEFA for sanctions against Super League clubs




The head of the Commercial Court number 17 of Madrid, Manuel Ruiz De Lara, has accepted that National Professional Soccer League enter as a person in the case that follows against the UEFA because it is understood that it has a “legitimate and direct interest” to be affected by the precautionary measures and to be the holder of “rights, powers and functions” that may be affected by the sentence handed down.

In a car notified this Tuesday, the request of the League itself is thus processed, which had requested to go as a plaintiff to the open process after the lawsuit filed by the Super League against UEFA based on the sanctions it imposed on its promoter clubs, Real Madrid, Barça and Juventus.

In addition, the judge has agreed to go ahead with the procedure, which was on hold pending the question that he had raised to the Superior Court of Justice of the European Union. Instead of waiting for your response to proceed, it has decided that the parties can now present their arguments and continue with the processing. At the appropriate procedural moment and before in any case of sentence, it will stop again to wait for the response of the CJEU.

The Spanish football association, chaired by Javier Tebas, he has been especially vehement in his criticism of the Superliga project since it was unveiled in mid-April. Then, three Spanish, three Italian and six English clubs announced their intention to create a new competition to replace the current Champions League. However, it didn’t take long for the English members to take a step back from the reaction of their fans, followed later by Atlético, Milan and Inter.

Currently, only three of the founders seem to continue betting on the project, despite the fact that UEFA has given up the idea of ​​this competition. Recently, Aleksandre Ceferin, president of the highest body of European football, was blunt about it: “What I find quite funny is that they want to leave and at the same time have signed up for the new Champions League season. They can’t play in our competition and then start their own, ”he said.

Asked about the insistence on his idea of ​​these three clubs, Ceferin assured that he would have to ask them “directly” and was critical again. “Some clubs simply have incompetent bosses. They complain that the salaries are too high, but who signed those contracts? Not me, “he warned. The battle is now in the Courts.

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