La Moraleja and La Elipa remain the only basic health areas confined in Madrid



The general downward trend of the accumulated incidence in the Community of Madrid, which already stands at 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the region, has allowed the remaining basic health areas (ZBS) to be reduced to only two confined: La Elipa (Linear City) in the capital; and La Moraleja in Alcobendas. These two health areas maintain a downward trend, but do not reach the expected level, so their mobility restrictions will be extended until 00:00 on December 21, reported the general director of Public Health, Elena Andradas, during the press conference in which she was accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the Covid-19 Plan, Antonio Zapatero. Therefore, there are no additional ZBS that exceed the threshold of 400 cases and no new measures will be taken regarding mobility.

On the contrary, the area of ​​Barcelona, ​​in Móstoles, and Guzman el Bueno (Chamberí), in the capital, have managed to consolidate a decrease of more than 50% in the accumulated incidence at 14 days, which is why they are released from the next Monday. “The responsibility of the neighbors who comply with the measures are helping to reduce transmission in these basic health areas,” Andradas said. In addition, the Andrés Mellado area exceeds 400 accumulated incidence cases, but this is due to three outbreaks located at the university level, which is why it has not entered the list of restrictions.

At the epidemiological level, the figures continue to show a downward trend. In fact, positive cases have dropped by 78.3% compared to the maximum peak of the second wave, and in the last 15 days that percentage of decrease is 22%, pointed out Antonio Zapatero. The accumulated incidence at 14 days is 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a figure that is lowered to 195 according to the report of the Ministry of Health. The deputy minister has pointed out that Madrid has been below 250 for several weeks, a rate that the Ministry set as a very high alert threshold.

In addition, he has detailed that in Madrid there are 1,596 patients admitted for Covid-19, of which 1,298 are in the ward and 298 are admitted to the ICU. This represents a decrease of 2,196 patients compared to the maximum peak and a decrease of 60% in the ward and 40.9% in the ICU can be seen. «We thank the people of Madrid for their patience, respect and good sense. We want that respect for the virus to be maintained at Christmas. All the measures that are being applied must be respected, ”said Antonio Zapatero.

On the other hand, the vice councilor has insisted on the request that Madrid made to the Ministry of Health two weeks ago to carry out tests in pharmacies. “We want to start as soon as possible because the pandemic does not stop. The measure is very well received by pharmacists because more than 2,300 have already signed up for the training crusaders to carry out antigen tests, “he concluded.

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