Lam blames Hong Kong population for the city’s fourth wave of coronavirus

China adds twelve more cases, eight of them from abroad


The head of Government of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, announced on Tuesday that as of Wednesday new restrictions will be imposed within public spaces in an attempt to stop the advance of the fourth wave of coronavirus, which in the last day has left Another 76 more cases, and has indicated that if the population had respected the protocols, the last outbreak would not have occurred, which already affects 500 people.

Lam has rejected the criticism that he has been receiving in recent days about the supposed delay with which he would have faced this new outbreak, which last weekend reached record figures with 115 new cases on Saturday.

“I would not say that we have reacted too slowly. Individual measures have been introduced in the same way or even faster than the previous wave,” he said, reports the South China Morning Post.

“If all community members adhered to the rules of wearing a mask, no close contact, no social gatherings and stayed home as much as possible, we would not have seen this outbreak of more than 500 cases and those who are to come, “he said.

Lam has made reference in this way to the recent outbreak that arose in several dance academies in the city, which with 40 more cases this Tuesday, there are already 519 infections that come from these spaces.

Among the new measures decreed by the Hong Kong authorities, is the mandatory nature of teleworking whenever possible for the more than 177,700 city officials, as well as the closure of public entertainment and leisure spaces, such as arcades, theme parks, karaoke rooms, and swimming pools.

The gyms, sports facilities and beauty salons will remain open, but with additional capacity and time restrictions, while the restaurants must stop serving at 22:00 and will only allow two customers per table.

In total, Hong Kong has already registered 6,314 cases, of which 5,344 correspond to patients who have managed to overcome the disease, and 109 deaths, after weeks without variations in the number of deaths.


In parallel, the Ministry of Health of China has reported this Tuesday that there have been a dozen more cases of coronavirus, eight of them from abroad, while the four infections of community transmission have been located for the second consecutive day in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The number of imported COVID-19 cases has risen to 3,866 in the country, while the total number of positives nationwide is 86,542 and the number of deaths remains at 4,634.

Of the last eight imported infections, Shanghai, as well as the provinces of Sichuan and Fujian, have registered two of them, respectively. In Beijing, and in Shaanxi province, one more case has been detected.

On the other hand, the Health portfolio has reported that twelve people have received medical discharge in the last 24 hours, although 277 patients continue to be admitted, eight of them in serious condition. The number of recovered is 81,631.

Finally, 305 people who had had direct contact with infected people have concluded their stay in medical facilities in the last 24 hours, although there are still 7,147 under observation.

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