Lapid warns that Israel “reserves the right” to act against Iran’s nuclear program

Blinken reiterates the Biden Administration’s commitment to “expand” the achievements of the ‘Abraham Accords’


Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid warned on Wednesday that Israel “reserves the right” to act “at any time and in any way” against Iran’s nuclear program.

During a joint press conference with the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, and the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahyan, after their bilateral meeting in Washington, Lapid added that Israel ” it has no intention of allowing “Tehran to become a nuclear power.

“Other options are on the table if diplomacy fails,” he continued, before adding that “everyone” in Israel, the UAE and around the world “understands what that means,” according to the newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’.

During his speech, Lapid has alluded to the Palestinian issue and has quoted a phrase from John F. Kennedy that says that “all people have the right to a decent lifestyle.” “This of course includes the Palestinians,” he said, noting that Israel’s goal is “to work with the Palestinian Authority to ensure that every child has that opportunity.”

For its part, Blinken has reiterated the commitment of the Administration of US President Joe Biden to take advantage of the achievements of the Trump Administration regarding the ‘Abraham Accords’, signed by Israel and several Arab countries. “We strongly support these steps,” he said.

The agreements were signed in 2020 with the mediation of the US Administration of Donald Trump and since then the Israeli authorities have ensured that there are several countries in the region that would be considering joining them, amid criticism from the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian factions.

Similarly, it has announced the launch of two working groups in which Israel, the United States and the UAE will participate, one focused on religious coexistence and the other on water and energy.

Lapid will be in the United States for three days. His trip takes place about two weeks after he became the Israeli prime minister to travel to Bahrain, following the normalization of bilateral diplomatic relations in 2020 under the ‘Abraham Accords’.

The agreement between Israel and Bahrain to normalize relations came after the Israeli government signed a similar pact with the UAE. After that, they were joined by Sudan and Morocco.

Lapid himself recently traveled to the UAE to open the Israeli Embassy and consulate in this country, after which he paid a visit to Morocco to strengthen bilateral relations, a trip in which he also inaugurated Israel’s diplomatic mission in the country in Rabat. African.

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