Las Ventas is a Party

The Fall Fair and the bullfighting season conclude in Las Ventas, adorned with Spanish-American flags. The poster of ‘There are no tickets’; above all, because of the great appeal of Morante’s return, after four years, in the best season of his life. The Infanta Elena, the president of the Community of Madrid and the mayor attend. On the paseo, we listened excitedly to ‘Suspiros de España’ and the National Anthem.
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The bulls of Alcurrucén, Serious and encased, they allow Morante to do beauty, in his first, cutting off an ear, and for Ginés Marín to open the Puerta Grande for the second time, due to its magnificent natural last, an extraordinary bull.

the Hispanidad festival with a bullfight? Of course! Spain brought bullfighting to America, along with so many other elements of our culture. As Antonio Gala says, the language and the bulls are the basic ties between Spain and Latin America. Precisely its dissemination in those countries would be a decisive factor in proposing to Unesco the declaration of the Festival as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Morante de la Puebla, natural with the bull 'Guitarra'
Morante de la Puebla, natural with the bull ‘Guitarra’ – Of San Bernardo

Lopez Simon stay true to vertical stillness. The second goes to the picador in bullpen, waits in flags. José Chacón is dealing well. In the first crutch, he makes the post and the bull takes him ahead, giving him a strong beating. He takes out some slow crutches, with more stoic courage than dominance, and kills decisively: little request. The fifth waits in flags, Chacón and Arruga greet. López Simón justifies himself by tying up brave crutches and kills well again.

Despite the pandemic, Ginés Marín he has added quite a few triumphs. In the third, a ‘Martinete’ that repeats with rhythm, like cante de fragua, shines in veronicas; Morante embroiders the chicuelina sevillanas and Ginés replies (good) for the same suit (bad: he should have chosen another cast). He begins on his knees, the thing does not curdle. He gets some good right hands but the bull loses his hands and the job is half done. It kills very well. (I remember a martinete, which Rafael Romero sang: «God, being God, he feared / death would come / and I, for you, would lose / one hundred thousand lives that I had. / And, if it is not true, / God send me death / if he wants to send it to me »). In the last one, very well fought by Viotti, a bull that goes to more, he draws magnificent natural, long, low hand, that excite: a great bull, ‘Secretary’, and a great task. The lunge and the spectacular death of the brave bull make him win the ears and the exit on the shoulders.

Triumphant departure on the shoulders of Ginés
Triumphant departure on the shoulders of Ginés – Of San Bernardo

And, under the spotlight, Morante. He receives the first one rocking the cape in veronicas that make the public roar. Although the bull comes out on the loose, in the remove he sleeps the sets and gallops with panache to lead him to the horse: the people, crazy. It begins with exciting aided by high, loading luck; immediately, he lowers his hand in classic crutches by the two pins. ‘Guitarra’ has a genius, it sounds somewhat harsh but it conveys seriousness and importance to the task. Morante is in the real place, with risk, and he brings out naturals that excite him. Lunge: how can they not give him the ear? Mansea clearly left the room: disappointment at not being able to see Morante’s cape. He tries it gently and shows that it is very short, uncertain, on both sides. Machete and kill without conviction. The memory of what he did in the first one remains.

Fabulous chicuelina from Morante
Fabulous chicuelina from Morante – Of San Bernardo

Antonio Machado sang the “guitar of the inn, that today you sound jota, / tomorrow petenera, / depending on who arrives and plays / the powdered strings.” East ‘Guitar’ from Alcurrucén has sounded to us, in the hands of Morante, a beautiful cante hondo. And the natives of Ginés Marín have set the public on their feet. Hemingway titled “Paris was a party.” When Morante and Ginés Marín fight like this, this Las Ventas square is truly a party: our National Holiday, the Hispanic celebration.

Posdata. The temporary exhibition ‘More than a lance. The culture of the bull in America ‘: we see the birth of their own bullfighting fortunes, such as Peruvian horse riding and Mexican charrería. Have you had news of this exhibition? Obviously, the Ministry of Culture has not made the minimum effort to spread it. Why is it? …

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