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Be informed about the news of today it is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to all readers who want it, the best summary of the Tuesday, October 19 right here:

Volcanic tourism floods La Palma: «We have gone from 30 to about 800 travelers a week»

This Tuesday just a month ago that Cumbre Vieja volcano, on The Palm, it erupted and volcanic tourism has already flooded the pretty island. Get Holiday, a company that organizes excursions In the Canary Islands, he had been taking travelers to get to know the area for about two years, but his services had never been in such demand as now. “We have gone from 30 to about 800 tourists a week”, says in a conversation with ABC Basso Lanzone, CEO of Get Holiday.

The different faces of ‘Mary’ in 15 questions and answers

The cannabis regulation arrives this Tuesday at Congress. On September 28, Más País and ERC presented two initiatives to regularize the use of this substance in Spain, anticipating Podemos, which just a few days before had announced that it was finalizing the details of its proposal in this matter.

Spain opens to the debate on the legalization of cannabis with the divided left

Nine out of ten Spaniards are in favor of the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, According to the latest survey published by the CIS, and more than 70 countries have already done so, among which are some of the environment such as Germany, Portugal and Italy. Meanwhile, almost half (47%) would approve a comprehensive regulation, which defines its purchase, sale and form of self-consumption. With this breeding ground, and after the Senate – with votes from PSOE, PP and Vox – rejected regulating the cannabis social clubs that are increasingly proliferating in Spanish cities, the debate reaches the Congress of Deputies again.

They design a system with cargo drones to rescue the dogs trapped by the La Palma volcano

Aerocamaras, a company contracted by the Platform, has designed a catch and release net system in case of emergency to animals up to 20 kilos which will be used to rescue the dogs trapped by the lava from the La Palma volcano.

Thermometers will plummet starting Thursday

Starting this Thursday there will be a change in weather with the arrival of north winds that will cause a general drop in temperatures. ‘There will be a change of time, and the temperatures will become more appropriate for this time of year “, explained the spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), Rubén del Campo.

Back to school for children marked by the volcano

Encarna Badenes picks up the phone nervously. His morning is being difficult. She is angry with the media, which, she says, remembers them only because of the volcano; she is angry because the yard is full of ash and as the container is filled to the top you have to start over, like a perverse ‘groundhog day’. Encarna Badenes is actually angry with the Cumbre Vieja volcano; He no longer wants to see him, “he has taken a part of the children’s lives from him,” he says.

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