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Macron and Merkel do not answer Johnson’s phone and Rutte asks him to stay in London

If the British prime minister thought he could make European governments nervous about the looming no-deal disconnect between the EU and the UK, the strategy has completely failed. Today it has been known that last Monday, Johnson tried to talk to the French president on the phone Emmanuel Macron and the german chancellor Angela Merkel, before the planned dinner with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, but neither of them answered the call. Both decided to send him the message that the EU stands together and that it speaks through the Commission and the negotiator Michel barnier.

Alarming increase in delinquency and crime of minors in France

Juvenile delinquency, that of minors, from robbery with a knife to collaborating in terrorist crimes, has grown significantly in France during the first nine months of the pandemic.

The Supreme Court rejects the latest attempt by the president to change the electoral result

The US Supreme Court this Friday gave the finishing touch to the attempts to Donald Trump and his Republican allies for turning around the result of the presidential election on November 3. Joe Biden won by a difference of more than seven million votes.

Trump’s latest offensive with 18 prosecutors to reverse the vote

Donald Trump and his Republican allies are looking to the US Supreme Court for a final spring to turn around the presidential election of November 3, which gave the victory to Joe Biden by more than seven million votes.

The United States denounces that Venezuela is an intermediary for Colombian drugs

The top military officer of United States for South America, admiral Craig Faller, claims to have detected an alarming “increase in drug trafficking from Colombia to Venezuela” and that the regime of Nicolas Maduro he is using the sale of drugs to “finance his illicit activities.” Both the armed forces and US intelligence have concluded that one of the last ways to finance the Chavista regime is through drug sale abroad, by the routes of the Caribbean and Central America. Faced with the weight of the sanctions, Maduro has resorted, according to the US prosecutor’s office, to an increase in drug trafficking, even allowing Venezuela to be a way out of illegal substances from Colombia.

Maduro orders to celebrate his electoral farce in the squares of the popular consultation of the opposition

Boycott against the opposition. Nicolas Maduro suddenly ordered the Chavistas to celebrate their victory of the parliamentary electoral farce of December 6 in public squares this Saturday exactly on the same day when the opposition is preparing to vote in person in the popular consultation called by interim president Juan Guaidó.

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