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The protesters against the restrictions by the Covid take the center of Berlin

Inside the Bundestag, seat of the German Parliament, a tense debate is taking place at this time, interrupted by protests and boos, about a reform of the Law on Protection against Infections, with which the grand coalition intends to transfer powers to the Government, from the legislature, to address greater restrictions, until now prohibited by the courts. But outside the building, the tension is even higher. Thousands of protesters surround the building, without keeping any safety distance and the majority without wearing a mask.

The Republican leader in the Senate announces an orderly transfer of power to the Administration «next»

The leader of the Republican majority in the United States Senate, Mitch McConnell, has indicated that on January 20 of next year there will be a transfer of power “Ordered” from the current administration of the president, Donald Trump, to the next, of the elect, Joe Biden.

France prepares its new law to combat political Islam, Islamist gangrene

The bill conceived to combat Islamist gangrene has been transformed into a bill to reinforce republican principles, creating new crimes for threatening the lives of third parties through the propagation of hatred and punishing with more severity the family behaviors, in the school, the associations and the public life.

Bolsonaro publishes a video praising Putin on his “masculine qualities” to overcome covid-19

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, highlighted a few words from his Russian counterpart, Valdimir Putin, in which he praised his “masculine qualities” during the pandemic crisis, since he “put issues related to the country’s welfare ahead of its health problems.”

Syria claims three soldiers were killed in Israeli airstrike

Syria denounced today that three soldiers died and another was injured in air strikes with launched missiles this morning by Israeli aviation, according to the official SANA agency.

Sagasti assumes the presidency of Peru apologizing to the families of the victims of the protests

Francisco Sagasti, who is an engineer by profession, was sworn in yesterday as the president of Peru, number 87, apologizing to the relatives of the two victims of the protests, Jack Bryan Pintado Sánchez and Jordan Inti Sotelo Camargo.

Starmer refuses to reinstate Corbyn to Labor Party despite Executive Committee go-ahead

On October 29, former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn was suspended by the party after he criticized an internal report on anti-Semitism within the formation that determines that he was responsible for promoting harassment and discrimination during his tenure. Corbyn, what is member of the party for 55 years, He then posted a reaction on his Facebook account saying that he did not accept “all” the investigation’s findings and that the matter had been “dramatically exaggerated” for “political reasons.” Corbyn’s refusal to retract his comments was settled with his suspension, but this Wednesday it was learned that the disciplinary group of the National Executive Committee of the formation decided to lift the punishment, after Corbyn said in a “clarification” that the claims of anti-Semitism had not been “exaggerated.” “I hope this matter is resolved as soon as possible so that the party can work together to eradicate anti-Semitism, and oppose and defeat this harmful conservative government,” Corbyn told the BBC after the meeting.

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