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US orders troop withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan

Donald Trump ordered a new withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq on Tuesday, to be completed before he leaves office on January 20. The Pentagon has already issued an official communication announcing the reduction of the forces of 4,500 to 2,500 in Afghanistan and 3,000 to 2,500 in Iraq, with a deadline of mid-January. So far the generals have resisted a drastic reduction, and the president fired former Defense Secretary Mark Esper last week after he opposed this de-escalation.

The Irish ‘premier’ believes that the Brexit deal is ‘practically closed’

The “contours” of a pact between the United Kingdom and the European Union are already defined for both parties and the agreement could be announced next Monday, after both London and Brussels have reviewed the details that are just being finalized in this round of negotiations. The announcement was made this afternoon by the Prime Minister of Ireland Micheal Martin, in a forum sponsored by the Bloomberg agency in which he also said that despite everything, he still has doubts whether British Prime Minister Boris Johnson really wants an agreed solution or if at the last minute he will prefer a traumatic disconnection with the EU .

US drops charges against former Mexican defense minister accused of drug trafficking

The attorneys general of the United States and Mexico, William Barr and Alejandro Gertz, announced yesterday in a joint statement that they will seek the withdrawal of charges by the United States against the general. Salvador Cienfuegos, former Minister of Defense of Mexico.

Electoral tension in Michigan, where a last minute Trump victory is avoided

Donald Trump estuvo close to scoring a win that Tuesday in Michigan in his attempt to derail the victory of his rival, Joe Biden, at the polls. The two Republican members of the Wayne County Elections Council, the largest in the state, declined to certify the election results. His decision put in doubt, at least for a few days, the winner in this decisive state. A few hours later, the two Republicans agreed with the other two Democratic members of the electoral council to certify the results, with the commitment that the Secretary of State of Michigan will audit the count.

Pompeo denounces religious intolerance with a gesture in Turkey

It has been a surprise and a joy for the Orthodox world and even more so for the Greeks: Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, during his tour of several countries in Europe and the Middle East (including France, Georgia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) chose to visit Istanbul to meet only with the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I.

Biden presses Trump amid new Republican cracks

Today marks the fifteenth day of the presidential elections of EE.UU. and the country lives in an anomaly, with the two electoral rivals turning their backs. Donald Trump, the US president, ignores the results, insists on his accusations of massive fraud – without presenting proof -, drives a legal battle that has not yet produced results and blocks the transition. Joe Biden, the president-elect, ignores all this and tries to prepare a transfer of powers without the collaboration of the current Administration.

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