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Peru follows in the footsteps of Bolivia and multiplies coca production

Never before has Peru produced so much coca leaf, and never before has the Peruvian government expressed such defense of an illegal business that fuels drug trafficking. Peru Libre, the party of President Pedro Castillo and the first group in the national Congress, is preparing a bill against the eradication of coca cultivation and in favor of expanding the production allowed for presumed traditional use, and which it proposes to expel from the country to the DEA, the US anti-narcotics agency.

Johnson government calls for new Irish protocol

In a new chapter of the tug of war between the United Kingdom and the European Union at the cost of their recent divorce, the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has demanded a new Irish protocol to replace the one that currently exists, and which is part of the agreement of the Brexitas it “doesn’t work.” Speaking in Lisbon on Tuesday, British Brexit Minister David Frost, who served as chief British negotiator, asked himself: ‘What does it cost the EU to put a new protocol in place? In our opinion, very little. Precisely, the Executive had already announced a few days ago that it had ready to be sent to Brussels a series of legal documents that include important changes in the initial treaty, whose implementation has been full of problems. The EU also has a proposal ready, which it will present this Wednesday, with new ideas that can not only calm tempers, but also achieve that tensions are eased and the agreement can finally be put into operation, a proposal that, according to Frost, the government will consider “seriously, totally and positively”, since “It takes two” to fix the troubled situation that the relations between London and Brussels are going through right now.

Tension in Italy over the proposal of the left to dissolve “the parties of fascist inspiration”

The assault on the headquarters of the main and oldest Italian union CGIL (General Confederation of Labor) during the demonstration last Saturday in Rome, in order to protest against the mandatory Covid passport to work in public and private places starting next Friday , has produced a hard confrontation between the right and the left, opening a debate on the outlawing of fascist parties. Some 10,000 people participated in a very heterogeneous demonstration: various groups from the anti-vaccine movement, those opposed to the COVID certificate, who were not necessarily extreme right-wing extremists, and neo-fascists who took advantage of the violence in the street to try to exercise political leadership. It was the latter who took hostage the center of Rome, where scenes of urban guerrillas were experienced.

G-20: European Union will give $ 1 billion to Afghanistan to avoid humanitarian catastrophe

«The president of the European Commission announced the allocation of 1 billion dollars for Afghanistan. It was one of several commitments to fund the humanitarian response. The United States has provided additional funding of $ 300 million. This was the most relevant news produced by the virtual summit with telematic presence of the leaders of the extraordinary G-20 dedicated to the emergency in Afghanistan, as announced Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, current president of the G-20, at a press conference held in Rome.

Macron promises a green plane by 2030

Emmanuel Macron believes it possible for France to build a “greener aircraft, powered by biofuels”, drastically reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, before 2030.

General Baduel, a critic of Chavismo, dies in the custody of Maduro’s jailers

The general Raúl Isaías Baduel has died in Caracas as a result of a cardiorespiratory arrest and as a consequence of contracting the Covid-19 disease, as reported by the prosecutor on Tuesday night Tareck William Saab.

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