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Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you can read all the news and the latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Friday, December 4 in the world and in Spain:

The judge releases Rafael Amargo and the other three detainees against the prosecutor’s criteria

The judge investigating the drug trafficking case in which he has been implicated Rafael Amargo has decreed freedom for the dancer and the other three detainees. In the note issued by the office of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid, it is explained that the magistrate has imposed on the four detainees the withdrawal of their passports, the prohibition to leave the national territory and the obligation to attend on the 1st and 15th of each month to the Court.

Criticism of Irene Montero for ignoring men on Disability Day

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has published today a video on her social network Twitter on the occasion of Disability Day in which she expresses that feminism owes a “historical debt to women and girls with disabilities”. Montero has ignored men with functional diversity in his speech and has expressed his will to «turn the needs of this group into laws and rights ”, but only those of women.

Germany has vaccination booths and Italy tests in pharmacies while Spain discusses “relatives”

“A” close friend “is considered to be someone who, without having a classic family relationship, has a very defined sentimental relationship”, the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, in today’s definition.

Simón: “Allowing relatives to visit will not be a drain as long as personal responsibility is maintained”

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simón, admitted this Thursday that “Allow relatives to visit” during this Christmas it will not be a “drain” as long as the public “Maintain personal responsibility.”

Obama, Bush and Clinton will get the vaccine in public to set an example

Donald Trump’s last three U.S. predecessors have declared willing to get the Covid-19 vaccine publicly as soon as possible to set an example and encourage Americans to do so. Barack Obama (2009-2017), George W. Bush (2001-2009) and Bill Clinton (1993-2001) have recognized that they want to do their part to achieve a generalized vaccination in the country, necessary to control the pandemic.

A celebration of journalism and a tribute to David Gistau

Here’s an insight: you can cross Spain jumping from friend to friend of David Gistau. This afternoon the first prize in Journalism that bears his name was awarded at the ABC house, and what seemed like a formal event, with its lectern and its jackets and its masks, was actually a gathering of colleagues and family united by memory of the one who was one of the great columnists and chroniclers of recent times, and who left too early, in February, before he was fifty years old and before, also, this crazy pandemic that has us hysterical, inside and outside the screens. Many wonder now what the hell David would have written about all this, he, who had the gift of a unique look, between hooligan and deep, and who gave laughter and truth, two things that perhaps are not understood separately …

The dark side of the heroes and parties mythologized by the Second Republic in the Civil War

Clichés are the other great epidemic of the modern era. It is logical. On a historical level, it is more pleasant to resort to them than to immerse yourself fully in the chiaroscuro of one or another character. We evoke Napoleon Bonaparte as a miniature hero even though he was 1.69 meters tall, we repeat like a mantra the fallacies spread by the Black Legend such as that the conquerors only spread death in the Americas and, among many other things, we define Bernard Montgomery as a military genius despite the fact that the largest operation he orchestrated ended in disaster.

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