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Be informed about the last hour of today it is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to all readers who want it, the best summary of the Sunday, October 3 right here:

The volcano opens a new mouth and leaves 3,000 palm trees without water

Two weeks after the Cumbre Vieja volcano surprised all the palm trees with an explosion of magma and stones, the eruptive phenomenon does not seem to give up. Yesterday a new source of lava emission once again put residents on alert against the risk that this possible new mouth would increase the destructive power of the volcano, which has already destroyed 1,005 buildings and 28.3 kilometers of roads.

Summary and goals of Atlético 2 – Barcelona 0: Atlético, according to Joao Félix

Latino gangs: a young man stabs a man in a reckoning on a train at Atocha station

A man was injured this afternoon on a regional train at the Atocha station. The events took place at around 4 pm, when the passengers of the convoy of line C-2 (which was going to Recoletos as its first destination) notified the driver that an attack had occurred. There is a 19-year-old detainee. Both have Spanish ID, but at least the one arrested is of Latino origin. Sources of the case investigate a Latin gang reckoning.

A shanty town of Africans burns and several butane bottles explode in Marconi

A large fire, aggravated by the explosion of several butane bottles, struck this morning in a shanty town inhabited by African people. In total, twelve slums have burned, in which the fifteen affected were poorly living.

The phrase that unleashed the fury of Paco López: “Shut up, you have two days left”

Paco Lopez and Pablo Maffeo were the main protagonists of the huge brawl that was mounted at the break of the Mallorca-Levante, when the players went to the dressing room tunnel. The enraged granota coach had to be held by several people to prevent him from facing the vermilion player. The reason, as explained in Movistar, was a derogatory phrase from Maffeo.

Songs in El Sadar against Chimy Ávila for his Santiago Abascal shirt

Last June the Chimy Avila He was surprised when he published a photograph on his social networks in which he appeared posing with a T-shirt with the image of Santiago Abascal and the following legend: “Fear is a reaction, courage, a decision.” Soon, hundreds of comments caused the Argentine forward of Osasuna to erase the image, and he was forced to publish an explanatory text: «Today I screwed up by uploading a photo to my networks with a shirt that has offended many people. Sorry. It was a gift that they made me with a phrase with which I identify a lot and I did not think that it could have all the implications that it has had for some people. I don’t know about politics, nor am I interested. My only passions are soccer and my family. It was not my intention to offend and I apologize.

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