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The Council of Europe passes the resolution in favor of pardons

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe approved this Monday a resolution in which it pronounces in favor of pardons to those convicted by 1-O, that the consideration of the crime of sedition be reformed and that the Euro-orders affecting those who have not been tried for those criminal acts be withdrawn. The resolution, which has no legal value or requires compliance, has been approved by 70 votes in favor and 28 against, the same day that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced that on Tuesday, the Council of Ministers will approve the pardons to the 9 independence leaders still in jail. In fact, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, went on to say yesterday afternoon that there are parts of the report that “satisfy us” and although she also appreciated “incoherent and confusing considerations” she did not fully reject it.

Two valuable paintings from the 17th century are found in a garbage container and the Police are looking for their owner

How did two valuable paintings from the 17th century to a dumpster in Middle Franconia? This is the puzzle to be solved by the police in Ohrenbach, a municipality of 615 inhabitants near Würzburg, in Bavaria, where the residents have not been talking about anything else right now since last week. They were found by one of them, a man 64-year-old who made a stop to rest and eat a snack the motorway service area ‘Ohrbach Ost’, on the A7, in the district of Ansbach. When he wanted get rid of the paper in which the now-defunct snack was wrapped, he was struck by a couple of paintings deposited there because both they wore luxurious frames.

Health notifies 7,209 infections and 37 deaths since Friday

According to official data compiled by Health, this Monday the accumulated incidence stands at 92.46 cases for every one hundred thousand inhabitants in the last 14 days, which means 3.45 points less than Friday.

The independentists include Valencia in the “national holiday of the Catalan countries” on June 24

Why is June 24 a holiday in the Valencian Community? To find the answer, we must go back to February 22, 2016. Then, the Valencian Courts approved a resolution in which they urged the regional Executive to “carry out the pertinent steps, in coordination when necessary with the central government, so that Among the holidays to be taken into account when preparing the work calendar, June 24 is included as regional holiday, without thereby increasing the number of holidays “.

The woman stabbed by her partner in Valladolid dies

A 56-year-old woman has died this Monday after being allegedly attacked in the afternoon by her partner at her home in Valladolid where her husband would have killed her several stab wounds to the chest for which the victim had been rushed alive to the hospital, where he finally died. His alleged aggressor has been arrested at the scene, in the Santa Ana urbanization.

Health sees it difficult for communities to impose the mask, since it will be approved with a decree law

After the approval of the flexibility of the use of masks in outdoor spaces, it will be difficult for the autonomous communities to impose them again. This was stated this Monday by the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, and the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simón, since his obligation will be imposed through a decree-law. However, the epidemiologist was sure that “the scenarios contemplated by this are wide enough so that no” region finds itself in this situation. According to Calzón, the decree will modify Law 2/2021, of urgent prevention, containment and coordination measures to face the Covid-19 crisis.

The Government will give a period of five years to apply its hack to the Tajo-Segura transfer

The ecological flow of the Tagus river, which will later depend on the availability of water for the transfer to Segura, will increase in the coming years in a way gradual. The final proposal of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition places in 7 cubic meters per second those that will have to run as they pass through Aranjuez in January 2022, that is, one more than the one currently set. Then they will rise to 8 cubic meters per second in 2026 already 8.6 in January 2027, figures widely rejected by the irrigators of the Levant. According to their estimates, the transferable reserves are reduced by just over 30 hm3 per year for each cubic meter that the flow increases; and in a good year, of the contributions that reach the Segura, about 200 hm3 are used for irrigation.

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