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The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to its readers. All the last hours of Wednesday, October 13 with a complete summary that you cannot miss:

Peru follows in the footsteps of Bolivia and multiplies coca production

Never before has Peru produced so much coca leaf, and never before has the Peruvian government expressed such defense of an illegal business that fuels drug trafficking. Peru Libre, the party of President Pedro Castillo and the first group in the national Congress, is preparing a bill against the eradication of coca cultivation and in favor of expanding the production allowed for presumed traditional use, and which it proposes to expel from the country to the DEA, the US anti-narcotics agency.

Johnson government calls for new Irish protocol

In a new chapter of the tug of war between the United Kingdom and the European Union at the cost of their recent divorce, the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has demanded a new Irish protocol to replace the one that currently exists, and which is part of the agreement of the Brexitas it “doesn’t work.” Speaking in Lisbon on Tuesday, British Brexit Minister David Frost, who served as chief British negotiator, asked himself: ‘What does it cost the EU to put a new protocol in place? In our opinion, very little. Precisely, the Executive had already announced a few days ago that it had ready to be sent to Brussels a series of legal documents that include important changes in the initial treaty, whose implementation has been full of problems. The EU also has a proposal ready, which it will present this Wednesday, with new ideas that can not only calm tempers, but also achieve that tensions are eased and the agreement can finally be put into operation, a proposal that, according to Frost, the government will consider “seriously, totally and positively”, since “It takes two” to fix the troubled situation that the relations between London and Brussels are going through right now.

The ‘purple’ of the Eagle Patrol: optical effect or color mixing failure?

The colors that the Air Force Eagle Patrol during the acts of the Day of the National Holiday they have given cause to speak. At times one of the nozzles of one of the C-101 Aviojet gave off a red color whose hue turned into ‘red wine’ or purple.

The inhabitants of San Carlos de la Rápita turn their backs on the referendum and the town retains its name

The backfire. The claim of City Council of San Carlos de la Rápita (Tarragona), captained by ERC, to change the toponymy of the town for a plain La Rápita, no longer with the royal connotation (the town owes its name to King Carlos III), has ended with an absolute failure.

Instagram removes a photo of Ayuso in the Las Ventas bullring

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, suffered yesterday for the first time censorship of a social network. Instagram fulfilled its threat and removed a photo in which it appeared with the bullfighting journalist David Casas Ramos in a burladero in the alley of the Las Ventas bullring, during the last bullfighting fair. San Isidro. He has not withdrawn from the profile of the journalist.

The Police prepares a large deployment before an anarcho-pro-ETA protest

The National Police is preparing for a demonstration by the most radical groups on the left, led by the Madrid Anti-Repressive Movement, which brings together from anarchists to squatters and defends, among others, ETA prisoners and demands their release. It is the same organization that led the extremely violent riots in the Puerta del Sol area in February, on account of the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel. A score of anti-establishment groups have joined them. Those riots ended with numerous injuries and detainees and it was the first time that, in the heat of the crowd, Groups of unaccompanied foreign minors (menas) were detected taking advantage to perpetrate robberies and even vandalize establishments to loot them.

This is how the Acrobatic Patrol jumped in the sky of Madrid

The Air Force Acrobatic Parachute Patrol (PAPEA) has released a video where you can see the jump of one of the two paratroopers who participated today in the National Holiday Day parade.

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