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These are the communities with the greatest difference between the official data of deaths from Covid and that of the INE

Between January and May, the deaths from coronavirus in Spain were 45,684, as published this Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). To arrive at this data, both the identified cases (32,652) and the suspects (13,032) are computed. A figure that is far from that offered by the Ministry of Health, which until May 31 – the date on which the INE statistics is based – the Executive reports, according to the latest data reviewed, 28,986 deceased.

Health adds 325 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours and the incidence drops to 188 cases

The autonomous communities have notified the Ministry of Health this Thursday 7,955 cases of Covid-19, of which 4,595 have been diagnosed in the last 24 hours, compared to 2,305 registered on Wednesday, raising the global number of people infected by coronavirus to 1,720,056.

The euthanasia law opens the door for it to be practiced in nursing homes

The proposed organic law to regulate euthanasia will open the door to the “provision of the right to die” It can also be carried out in nursing homes or in health centers, after the parties of the Government coalition presented a transactional amendment with ERC, Bildu, Más País, BNG and Junts per Cat on Thursday.

Unesco rejected the uterus transplant due to ethical problems

The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has already gone down in the history of medicine as the first center to carry out a uterus transplant in Spain. The pioneering surgery, which ABC announced yesterday, took place on October 5 with two sisters as donor and recipient. Tamara and Bárbara are the other protagonists of the medical advance. The first was born with a congenital disorder that prevents the development of the uterus and the second did not hesitate to become her donor. Two months after the operation, her condition is good, she has already had her first menstrual cycle and is waiting for one of her eleven embryos obtained by in vitro fertilization to be implanted to become a mother.

The visionary Martín Ferrand

Before finishing his studies at the Official School of Journalism, where a handful of restless young people dreamed of becoming feather animals, Manolo Martín Ferrand I was already working at SER and on Spanish Television. The first time that Rosalía González de Haro She saw him on the screen, with his legs crossed and the hem of his pants at the calf, gave him long socks. “You can’t show your hair,” he said. From the beginning of his love life, Martín Ferrand had discovered that Rosalía had good taste as a stylist. The day they met, he was wearing a checkered shirt, jacket and tie. “Have you left any more paintings at home?” He asked. Months later, wearing a beret, he helped her onto a moving train and she, dazzled by the gesture, fell at his feet. Also traveling on the train, among other students from the School, Basilio Rogado, Alfredo Amestoy, Jose Luis Balbín, Juan Luis Cebrián Y Mª Consuelo Reyna. Despite the illustrious competition, Manolo was number 1 in his class. During the delivery of diplomas, Emilio Romero offered to work in “Pueblo” and he accepted the offer without thinking twice. He was 22 years old and he was already moving in a circus with three tracks: press, radio and television. That was the beginning of a career of simultaneous lovemaking that ended up turning him, over time, into a total journalist capable of shining in all areas of the profession with specialist skills.

USA, one step away from urgent approval of Pfizer’s vaccine

The vaccine Pfizer and BioNTech It is days or hours away from being approved in the US, the country in the world that accumulates the most cases and deaths from Covid-19. An independent committee of experts voted Thursday in favor of recommending to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the authorization of the vaccine for emergency use in those over 16 years of age.

A year of registration, retroactive effects … the keys to the euthanasia law prepared by the PSOE

Natural death

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