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Only the Basque Country, Cantabria and Melilla maintain a cumulative incidence of over 250 cases

The drop in indicators related to the coronavirus situation in Spain seems to be slowing down. This Friday, the Ministry of Health notified 10,519 cases diagnosed in the last 24 hours, a figure higher than the 8,745 registered on Friday of the previous week and the 7,955 on Thursday.

The WHO calls for caution at Christmas: “A celebration can turn into sadness”

The World Health Organization (WHO) this Friday launched a warning about Christmas plans in those areas where there is coronavirus transmission. «A celebration can turn to sadness. Take every precaution to keep yourself and others safe. That could be the best gift you could give: health, love of life, joy and hope, “said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the organization at a press conference.

Jews, Catholics, Anglicans and Evangelicals call to “reject the laws that threaten life”

Leaders of the different religious confessions present in Spain signed this Friday a joint manifesto in which they ask “those responsible for nations and governments to build a society based on the inviolable value of human life and the dignity of the person, and to reject the laws that threaten against her”.

Italy discovers its Covid patient 1: a four-year-old boy in November 2019

A new scenario opens on the start of the Covid pandemic in Italy. The case of a child infected with the coronavirus in November 2019, that is, three months before the pandemic officially begins in this country: Until now, patient 1 was located in the municipality of Codogno (Lombardy), discovered on January 20, 2020.

The rebellion of the PP against the “Celaá law” begins: this is how their communities will prevent the application of the controversial rule

Communities governed by the PP will not apply next year the controversial «Celaá law». As confirmed by party sources to ABC, they will prevent it through legal mechanisms with the aim of “continuing to guarantee the free choice of families to choose a school, shield the concerted and special, guarantee an education of quality preventing promotion with suspensions and protect Castilian Spanish, “said the same sources.

Equality awards a finger contract to a relative of Isa Serra, spokesperson for Podemos

Isabel lopez gomez is the sexologist who has just been commissioned by the Ministry of Equality to find out, in exchange for 14,278 euros, how many non-binary people (who do not feel like a man or a woman) there are in Spain and what their needs are. He will do it with his usual collaborator, R. Lucas Platero, which according to sources of feminist activism is sentimentally linked to Clara Serra, a spokesperson for Podemos in the Madrid Assembly until 2019 and who was relieved by his sister, Isabel serra. Sources familiar with the project question whether the Podemos environment benefits from the contract for Irene Montero’s team.

Equality’s finger contract: an automotive company that only bills 28,000 euros a year and has been benefited with 14,000

The company contracted by the Ministry of Equality to project the demands of the transsexual collective and the «non-binary identity»In Spain, 4 Motion Vehicle Consulting SL, is a company dedicated to the automotive sector and is not up to date in the Madrid Mercantile Registry, since the last balance deposited is that of 2018 (the one for 2019 is missing). From the analysis of the official accounts of the company 4 Motion Vehicle Consulting SL it is striking that the contract that this company just received in November, for an amount of more than 14,278 euros (11,800 plus VAT), is around half of the annual turnover that reached in 2018, which amounted to 28,238.77 euros. The previous year, 2017, its turnover was only 24,701.16 euros, a company with very discreet numbers.

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