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Equality will include bad practice in childbirth as sexist violence

This year the Ministry of Equality has introduced two ‘new’ concepts into our lives. Vicarious violence, taking advantage of the pull of the documentary on Rocío Carrasco, although according to experts, such as Miguel Lorente, former Government delegate for Gender Violence, it is the “widespread violence of the 90s”, already known, which is nothing other than “the extension of the macho claw ”on the family, children or siblings of the victim to amplify their damage. And, second concept, obstetric violence. With the reform of the Abortion law that is planned to be ready before 2022, gender violence is included as “violence suffered by women during pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium or upbringing in health centers and hospitals”, putting obstetricians and gynecologists and their treatment of women at birth. So the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO) rejects “completely the term as inappropriate, biased and unfair due to its fraudulent meaning, such as intention to cause harm, intention to injure, use of force, threats, criminally classifiable ”.

This is how women tell their complicated births in the first person

Dozens of women express how complicated their deliveries and postpartum were in blogs, social networks and books. They do so, they point out, after having remained silent for a long time or having collided with the general denial of the suffering they went through. They break the bag of the secret and share it.

The brothers rebel: “football yes and processions no?”

Public worship is suspended because the pandemic does not allow rallies. But in the world of brotherhoods there has been a runrún for several months that the bishop of Córdoba, Demetrio Fernández, he exploded just before summer by asking himself in a homily why there cannot be processions but bulls, concerts and fairs. “Are we the most contagious Christians?” All the Spanish prelates signed a decree at the beginning of the pandemic to suspend the processional outings in their respective dioceses. And all the brotherhoods, without exception, have complied with the rules to the letter during the last year and a half. But the relaxation of sanitary measures, which already allows, for example, the entry of the public into football stadiums, has led to nervousness in the councils of the brotherhoods, where many demand that the proclamation of the Christian faith be resumed in the streets , which is one of the statutory obligations of these religious institutions. However, the debate is also provoking internal conflicts. Some are committed to taking their headline images by adapting the procession to current measures. Others believe that it is best to wait for all the prohibitions to be lifted to bring the brotherhoods to the streets without altering the tradition.

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