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Health studies perimeter confinements at Christmas but will allow family reunification

The Ministry of Health will seek this Wednesday the regional consensus to its recommendations for this Christmas and thus avoid 17 different holidays, Although according to government sources consulted by “El País”, the portfolio led by Salvador Illa studies extend the meeting limit to 10 people, as proposed by Catalonia, the Basque Country and Madrid – their initial proposal was six.

The first great storm of cold, rain and snow of winter arrives in Spain

Cold, rain, wind and even snow. It is the weather forecast for the next few days in Spain, which receives the first winter storm of the season as soon as we enter the month of December. The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has issued a special notice on Tuesday for this change in weather and alert: on Thursday and, above all, on Friday it will not only snow in mountainous areas, since the level could be located in the northern half around the 500 or 600 meters and about 800 meters in the center of the peninsula.

Spain continues to decline in the incidence of the virus, but registers 442 deaths in the last 24 hours

The second wave of Covid-19 remains stabilized. With 8,257 new cases -of them 3,841 diagnosed in the last 24 hours-, the number of infections is well below the 12,228 registered on the same day of the previous week. Despite this, the number of deaths remains very high. In the last 24 hours, 442 people have lost their lives against 401 on Monday and 537 on Tuesday.

The 9-day fork: the first symptoms of Covid allow us to anticipate the development of the disease

Once infected, with the first symptoms, few Covid patients have to be hospitalized. According to statistics from Robert Koch Institute (RKI), nine days pass from the first sign of the disease up to lung failure and patients spend on average the first five of these days at home and without medical supervision. And in the light of statistics, this practice could be a mistake. German experts believe that in these first days countermeasures should already be taken to prevent severe progression and classify patients, because, although the initial symptoms may differ considerably from one to another, the statistics show some combinations of symptoms portend a more aggressive course of the disease.

The ordeal of young people to return home at Christmas: “You call Health and they read the BOE”

Negative PCR Ready to go home this Christmas by air and if you reside in a country considered “at risk” by the Ministry of Health. The regulation came into force in the airports of our country on November 23 and it is complicating the return of thousands of Spaniards living abroad at Christmas Covid-19, already anomalous. Of all the age groups that this measure is affecting, there is one especially annoying: the young people who work or study outside of Spain.

The empty hospitals in Valencia or Toledo that do not raise the controversy of Isabel Zendal

While the political debate focuses on the inauguration of the Isabel Zendal hospital in Madrid, the three field hospitals commissioned in March by the Valencian government To strengthen the health system, they still do not host a single patient to date and have cost about sixteen million, double what was expected. Currently they are used as a waiting room for triage of patients, as accommodation for immigrants without documentation who must pass quarantine or to carry out PCR tests.

Europe to determine whether the benefits of vaccines outweigh the potential risks

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) hopes to have the opinion on the Covid-19 vaccine from the alliance formed by the American Pfizer and BioNTech ready on December 29, while the authorization of the North American Moderna could be available on January 12, as announced yesterday. Both are drugs based on RNA technology that ushers in a new era of vaccines. This is not the last step in the beginning of vaccination campaigns, since as with all medicines, once the EMA has issued its opinion, it is the European Commission itself that must formally approve its release to the market, after the opinion of a committee in which the member countries are represented. The Commission has said, however, that it plans to speed up this process as much as possible.

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